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FALL, 2017




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Designed as an introductory computer applications course for education majors, this class provides experience in technology programs for K-12 classrooms. The course includes hands-on experience with telecommunications, multimedia, hypermedia, and K-12 software programs.  (3 s.h.)


Instructor: Dr. Arlys E. Peterson  Location: Glidden 115, Computer Lab

Meeting Times: 1:00 - 2:15
Tuesdays and Thursdays


Attendance Policy: Attending class is very important! 
three absences, you will be asked to drop the class (depending on circumstances).
Being late
more than five minutes to class will count as an absence.

Leaving early from class will result in an absence from class that day.

No texting during class.

** All assignments are due one week after they are assigned, unless otherwise stated.
If they are 1-5 days late, only half of the points will be given.
After 5 days, no points will be given.

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 21st Century Skills: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking


"We're living through the greatest expansion in human expressive capability in history. We have access to more content, more information, more teachers (all over the world) than ever before. We can create and share knowledge (all over the world) in creative and important ways."

 Will Richardson - The Connected Teacher: Powering Up


"Content is easy. Google it. We live in a world where content is found everywhere. And in a wi-fi world it's accessible almost anywhere. We need to teach our students skills to be able to navigate and make sense of such a world."

Will Richardson - The Connected Teacher: Powering Up


"The demand to master new knowledge and skills is never-ending. If you want to be successful, you never finish your education.
So my mission is not to educate students, but to cultivate learners."
Patti Grayson - The Connected Teacher: Powering Up

"My students will remember me as the teacher who opened the world to them --
who encouraged them to seek learning with tremendous enthusiasm and to
relish the deeper understanding they gain as a result."

Patty Grayson -The Connected Teacher: Powering Up


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created by Microsoft Expressions




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August 29 August 31
Sept. 5 & 7
Sept. 12 & 14 Sept. 19 & 21 Sept. 26 & 28 Oct. 3 & 5  Oct. 10 & 12 Oct. 17 & 19
Introduction to Class
*ISTE Technology Standards
*Google Chrome Browser

Chrome Web Store

Chrome Browser Apps and Extensions

Journal Article - Twitter

Online Videos
Twitter Report from

Journal Article

October 16-17
Fall Break
*Internet Fire Hydrant
*Medieval Help Desk
*Year 2020
*School of the Future
*Social Media
*Kid President
*  Kids React
Keyboarding Programs
*Google Draw


Online Speaker:
Introduction to Coding

View iPad Apps

Smart Exchange

Smart Express
Midterm Survey SMARTBoard Groups
*Google Chromebooks Lesson Plan
Answer Garden
Today's Meet

Google Docs/Drive
Google Slides/Drive



*Google Forms

*Grading Using Flubaroo


Augmented Reality

VR Glasses

Virtual Reality
Lesson Plan Topics

Lesson Plan Worksheet

Microsoft Office

Lesson Plan
Anticipatory Set
Online Surveys Google
Search Engine
Information Boards


3D Printers
Green Screen -
Do Ink

Activity Toolkit

Pindex Symbaloo
Create a Wiki Twitter


Yippy Search Engine Pinterest

Creating Pinterest Boards
Nearpod iCloud Storage

Google Drive

Gooru Learning

How Far Have We Come? *Makerspace
*App Smashing
*Back channeling
Pandora     Voki

Journal Article - Twitter           Power My Learning  

Oct. 24 & 26
Oct. 31 & Nov. 2 Nov. 7 & 9 Nov. 14 & 16 Nov. 21 & 23 Nov. 28 & 30 Dec. 5 & 7
Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

Lesson Plan



Journal Article - Cyberbullying/Internet Safety

Digital Citizenship
Lesson Plan
Writing Activity

Group 1
Group 2




Group 5


Group 9

Journal Article - Cyberbullying/Internet Safety
Lesson Plan

Chrome book/iPad Activity

Video Tools



Video Notes

Lesson Plan
Closing Activity

Group 3
Group 4

Group 7
Group 8
Blendspace QR Codes

Online Quiz Tools


Web Tools

Embedding Videos
Flipsnack Technology for Special Needs Populations

  Assistive Technology


* Presentation Group Work   Integrating Technology

Teaching in the 21st Century

CPalms Library





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All assignments in class will be completed using
the South Dakota State Content Standards




Empowered Learner
Students leverage technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences.

Digital Citizen
Students recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.
Knowledge Creator
Students critically curate a variety of resources using digital tools to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.
Innovative Designer
Students use a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful or imaginative solutions.

Computational Thinker
Students develop and employ strategies for understanding and solving problems in ways that leverage the power of technological methods to develop and test solutions

Creative Communicator
Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.

Global Collaborator
Students use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams locally and globally.



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ISTE Technology Standards for Teachers


   LEARNER: Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning.  LEADER: Educators seek out opportunities for leadership to support student empowerment and success and to improve teaching and learning.
CITIZEN: Educators inspire students to positively contribute to and responsibly participate in the digital world.

COLLABORATOR: Educators dedicate time to collaborate with both colleagues and students to improve practice, discover and share resources and ideas, and solve problems.  DESIGNER: Educators design authentic, learner-driven activities and environments that recognize and accommodate learner variability.
 FACILITATOR: Educators facilitate learning with technology to support student achievement of the ISTE Standards for Students

ANALYST: Educators understand and use data to drive their instruction and support students in achieving their learning goals.


 New SD K-12 Technology Standards for Students

Strand 1: Research and Digital Literacy
Strand 2: Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
Strand 3: Digital Citizenship
Strand 4: Technology Operations and Concepts
Strand 5: Creativity and Innovation
Strand 6: Communication and Collaboration


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WEEK 1 - August 29


Class Wiki




Assignment HyperDoc - August 29


Using the Internet
- like a Fire Hydrant
Did You Know 2017?
- How Our World Is Changing
Answer Garden
Answer the:

Ideas for Using Answer Garden
Today's Meet
Introduce yourself
Chat groups

Go to Padlet and double click on screen and type in your name and your major.



Wikispaces -

create a Wiki to post assignments



Titles on Wiki Pages

create the pages that are on this list



Take September

Take Microsoft Survey
Microsoft Office Survey



Google Drive

Sign up for an account if you do not have one.

Tech & Learning - free online journal signup



Tech & Learning Journal -

current issue

Wikipedia -

20 million pages,

282 languages,
would take
14 years

8 months of
non-stop reading
(Fox News)

Medieval Help Desk

Watch Your Day in 2020



Future Technology



Vision of Future



Two Year old Baby Works iPad Perfectly







Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Google Home - video
Google Home Demo



sign up for it

How Many Satellites
Orbit the Earth?
Satellites 2014

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Assignment: Read and write a 1-2 page double-spaced report on a journal article about Twitter

(see Wiki - Journal/Webinars on CLASS WIKI).

Post your 1-2 page report on your Wiki on the page called Journal Reports and on the LMS.

Journal Report Checklist


Due: Sept. 12



South Dakota State
Content Standards


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WEEK 1 & 2 - August 31, September 5 & 7

Class Wiki


Here's Everything That Happens in One Minute on the Internet









*Introducing the Chromebook
video (1:49)

Sioux Falls Schools Chrome Book Info

Using Chromebooks in Classes

Chromebook Handbook

Chromebooks in School - Kathy Schrock
*10 Reasons to Buy a Chromebook

*Why Chromebooks in Education?
video (13)

*Chromebooks for Education
video (2:03)

*Chromebook Sync
video (:56)
Classroom Ideas

Chrome in the Classroom

Chrome Screenshots Tools

Chromebook Classroom



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1. *What is Google Chrome?
 video 3:21

2. Open Chrome Browser and open two sites: YouTube and CNN.
As you watch the video, do what the speaker does on your Chrome Browser.
*Google Chrome
          Tips and Trick
video 6:53

 All About Chrome-slideshow

Chrome Commands
from the video:


  • Ctrl + Shift + B = Bookmark Bar
  • Home Button - Under Options, Show Home Button - Open up to page you want
  • Options: Basics, Personal Stuff, Under the Hood
  • Options: On Startup open following pages
  • PinTabs - right click and pin it
  • Rip tabs off - put them back on
  • Draggable Tabs: organize them
  • Rename Tabs: right click on Bookmark and rename
  • Click New Tab and it shows your Chrome Apps

4. Google Chrome Lessons
A. Getting Started
B. Browsing with Chrome
C. Customizeing Chrome
D. Bookmarking Web pages
in Chrome
E. Chrome Security and Privacy

5. Google ChromeTildee

Extra activities

Extensions and Web Apps
- videos


Chrome Web Store
video 6:26

What are Chrome Extensions?

*Top 9 Google Extensions - video 10:24

Chrome Extensions
- Pinterest

*Chrome Extensions

*Chrome Office Viewer



Chrome Web Store
Chrome Store - Education

 Download 10 Education Apps and 5 Extensions.

Fill out this 
Make a copy of the document to save it to your Google Drive.

Open them and
be ready to discuss

two apps and two extensions with the class.

Include Google Drive as one of your downloads.
Post worksheet on
Chrome Wiki page.

DUE: Sept. 14




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***A #Schedule of #Twitter #Chats - calendar

Twitter in Real Time

9 Ways to Get Everyone Tweeting - even Kindergarten

A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter


***Twitter in plain English video

CBS News video

***Twitter Has Place in the Classroom -
CNN video

Twitter and Twitterfall - video




Use TweetDeck

to follow tweets.


School Wide

Twitter Chats

Top 10 Educational Technology
Hasthags for Educators


Top Twitter Hashtags
for Teachers

Tony Vincent Twitter

Other Hashtags

Twitter for Teachers


Top Educators to Follow


Twitter for Education - Pinterest


22 Ways to use Twitter for Learning Based on Bloom's Taxonomy









#mathchat – mathematics

#scichat – science

#engchat – English

#artsed – the arts in education

#musedchat – music

#eltchatenglish language teacher

#STEM – widely used for posts and resources in STEM education

#SSChat – social studies chat

#PEGeeks – PE and technology

#RETeacherReligious Education

#HistoryTeacher – History

#GeographyTeacher – Geography

Twitter United States
Department of Education

 Twitter South Dakota
Department of Education

Official YouTube Channel for the
South Dakota Department
of Education



Sign up for Twitter


Follow two education hashtags each week for 5 weeks. You will discuss what you learned from the tweets in your chat rooms each week.

#edtech and one other one


Copy and paste two tweets each week on a Template.


 Comment on each Tweet -
3-5 sentences each.







Sept. 7
Sept. 14
Sept. 21
Sept. 28
Oct. 5


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*The Importance of Teaching Keyboarding *Keyboarding Programs VIEW 3 Keyboarding programs


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Google Suite PlayBoard Guide to Using Google Drive Offline

Free backgrounds

Google Drive Add-ons 8 Google Tricks Google Templates
Five Google Drive Tips Everyone Should Know Power Up Your Classroom with Google Google Docs Add-Ons



Guide to Google Drive

Google Drive Tutorials

100  videos
1. Create a Google Drive Account

2. Introduction to
Google Drive
- video

3. Meet the New
Google Drive
Google Docs in an office productivity suite of tools powered in the cloud. An online, all free, included in this set of tools are:
A. word processor
B. spreadsheet
C. presentation tools
D. online forms
E. drawing tools
F. and a range of templates and apps integrated with Google Drive
4. Google Drive - 6 Things that make it Awesome
6. Google Drive for Mobile
video (1:23)

Google Docs -
How to Videos

 8. Using the Research Tool in Google Docs - video (2:29)

9. The New Voice Typing Feature
Using Google Docs for
Digital Note-Taking

5 Google Resources
You Never Knew Existed

8 Google Slides Ideas

Things to Do With
Google Drive - Docs

1. Copying a document someone else created.

Example: click on

Psalm 23


- File > Make a copy


- Click on Untitled document - upper left corner. It will name the document.


- Edit> Find> type in your name and> Replace with > type in your first name.


Open Google Drive >Click New> click on Google Slides

 Google Slides
Create a Presentation Slideshow (at least 10 slides) on a State Standard's Topic in your area of teaching. This is for the students.

Post it on your Wiki on a page called Google Docs.

Put the state standard on the first slide.

Add pictures and a variety of fonts and colored text.


South Dakota State
Content Standards


DUE: Sept. 21
Create a newsletter in Google Docs on a State Standard's Topic in your area of teaching. This is for the students.

Post it on your Wiki on a page called Google Docs.

 Use a variety of  fonts, pictures, and colored text.



DUE: Sept. 26


3. TechinEd Share Doc
Assign a number
Type in your

name and major


purple line



Google Search Engine

Things it can do


purple line





Rachel Langenhorst - Iowa

Top Tech For Teachers to

Start the New Year



Open the Template and copy it to your Google Drive.



Type the name of ten of the Web tools they talk about in the video and a short

summary of it.

Post it on your Extra Wiki page.

10 Ways to Use Back Channels
in Your Classroom

4 Ways Technology is Changing How People Learn

  • We’re moving from individual learning towards more collaborative learning.
  • We’re moving from more passive learning to active learning
  • Differentiated instruction and 
    personalized learning

are becoming more popular.

  • We’re becoming multitaskers 

more than ever before.

How Far Have We Come?

ENIAC contained 17,468 vacuum tubes, 7,200 crystal diodes, 1,500 relays, 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors and around 5 million hand-soldered joints. It weighed more than 30 short tons (27 t), was roughly 8 by 3 by 100 feet (2.4 m × 0.9 m × 30 m), took up 1800 square feet (167 m2), and consumed 150 kW of power.



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WEEK 3 - September 12 & 14

Class Wiki


September 12 & 14 Assignment HyperDoc - WORD


September 12 & 14 Assignment HyperDoc - Google Doc



Review Tools



Google Draw

Find your group and put in
your favorite vacation spot.

Group Z - example

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D

Collaborative Brainstorming
with Google Docs Drawing Tool

10 Things to do With Google Drawings

15 Free Google Drawings

Google Draw Ideas

Word Clouds

Photo Image with Google Drawing


purple line




Google Drive

Examples of Google Forms



*Google Form Examples

New Google Forms - video

Google Forms Self-Graded Quizzes

Different Questions Forms - video

***How to Insert Images
into Google Forms -
video 4:01

***How to Distribute a Google Form - video 2:20

Advanced Google Forms - videos 5:28
*Google Forms Tutorial

Google Forms Tutorials

Innovative Uses of Google Forms

*Google Forms - Teacher Student Connections - video

                 Quick Google Form Time Savers

Creating a Quiz with Google Forms
Forms PowerPoint

How to Reuse a Google Form - video

3 Great Ways to Use Google Forms

8 Outstanding Google Forms Templates

How to Use Images as Answer Choices in Google Forms


How to Create a Form and Grade It Automatically With Flubaroo - video



Flubaroom Overview

Step-by-Step Directions

Self-Grading Quizzes with Flubaroo -
Using Google Forms


Send Student Data Back to Google Drive



Create a 5 question quiz and add
Flubaroo to grade the quiz.


REVIEW of Google Forms


Take the quiz.


In the Quiz spreadsheet you can add Flubaroo.


Self-Grading Quiz


      Create a book report


To add a color or theme
to an existing form:

-Open the form

-Click the Color palette icon .

-Choose a color for your form. Or, to add a theme, you can click the Image icon and add an existing theme to your form from Google+.

-Your new theme will automatically be applied and you can continue editing your form.



View the summary of responses

-Open a form in Google Forms.

-At the top of the form, click RESPONSES.


View individual responses

-Open a form in Google Forms.

-At the top of the form, click RESPONSES.


T-o move between responses, click Previous respondent or Next respondent.

View responses in a spreadsheet

-Open a form in Google Forms.

-At the top of the form, click RESPONSES.

-To view the responses in a spreadsheet, click Spreadsheet . The spreadsheet will open.

-Download responses as a CSV file

Open a form in Google Forms.

-At the top of the form, click RESPONSES.

C-lick More three vertical dots > Download responses (.csv).






Create a Quiz         

Create a 5 question picture quiz on a topic you will teach (add 5 pictures).


Picture Quiz Sample

Embed it on a Wiki page called
Google Forms Quiz.

Landform Quiz


Be sure to include a place holder fo
First  Name
and Last Name.
They are not considered questions.
 Add 5 more questions.


Create a Survey

Complete a 5 question survey about an education topic using
Google Forms and embed it on your Wiki
on a pa
ge called
Google Forms Survey.

Favorite Food Survey


Create a Video Quiz

Insert a YouTube video and
under it ask 5 questions
about the content of the video.

Embed it on your Wiki on a new page called
Google Forms Video.


Landforms Video


DUE: Oct. 5





purple line


Group ONE
Group TWO
Group FOUR



purple line




Yippy Search Engine


Big Deal Book - Technology




purple line


Technology Vocabulary






purple line


Use different topics on each board

Linoit Tutorial
Complete a Linoit Board on a State Standard' topic
with 2 videos, 3 pictures, and 6 sticky notes about the topic

Video Tutorial
- Heather

                    Embed it on your Linoit Wiki page


Share Board

How to Use Padlet

20 Useful Ways to Use Padlet in Class

Complete a Padlet Board on a State Standards' topic
with 2 videos, 3 pictures, and 6 information notes about the topic

Oceans and Land
Embed it on your Padlet Wiki page

DUE: October 10



blue pencil


WEEK 4 - September 19 & 21


HyperDoc for September 19 & 21



Tech Vocab

Brain Breaks: a time of movement in the classroom to get the students up and moving.

Coding: Coding is essentially the same thing as programming

Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology enriching the real world
with digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos,
overlaying in real-time the camera view of your smartphone, tablet, PC or connected glasses.

3D Printer:

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making
three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.

The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes.
In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive
layers of material until the object is created.

Class Wiki

purple line





Create a YouTube Playlist

Copy a URL from YouTube


Jump to a certain part of the video - put a YouTube URL in the box and practice jumping

  • Share - practice using the tool

  • Embed - practice using the tool

  • Transcript- click on it to read the transcript of video

  • Closed Captions - click on this to see closed captions





  • Videos

Assignment: Evaluate10 video sites from the list. Choose one video from each site to evaluate. Complete the assignment on the template and copy the template to your Google Drive. Post it on your Video Reports Wiki page.

1. Name of the Program: Liberty Kids

2. URL of Program:

3. URL of the online video that you watched. The New Frontier

4. Summary of the video you watched:

5. Your reaction to the program:
 3-5 sentences

6. Evaluation of Site:
Poor - Good  - Excellent

DUE: October 12




 View 1 video from each site below





- click on subjects and choose one. Find a video to watch and report on it.




Watch part of one video


8. TED-Ed Videos


9. School House Rock


10. Liberty Kids

Other YouTube Channels

100 Best Video Sites
for Educators

Ted Ed Videos

HooplaKids Lab videos

Socratative Studio Videos

WOW Math Videos

15 Best Educational YouTube Channels for the Classroom


Exploring Educational Uses of YouTube


WhizKids Science


Yo Kidz videos - drawing


Other YouTube Channels


Cool School

Tiny Grads


575 Great Movies
online - Classics

Free K-12 Resources

Intelligent YouTube Channels

Internet Archive

Emerging Ed Tech Videos


Go Noodle


The Holy Tales: Bible


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Teaching Kids to Code
New research from institutions like Tufts University reveals learning to code delivers benefits beyond improvements in math and logic skills. For example, a recent study by Professor Marina Bers shows that reading comprehension in kids as young as five improves as students improve in their understanding of sequencing.  This type of universal benefit from studying programming makes it easy for parents to support the idea of ALL kids
learning to code.




ASSIGNMENT: Coding Worksheet complete as you view the courses.

  • Choose and complete

  • 6 activities in Course 1

  • Choose and complete

  • 6 activities in Course 2

  • Choose and complete

  • 6 activities in Course 3

  • Choose and complete

  • 6 activities in Course 4


  • Choose and complete some

activities in Accelerated Course


Express Course



**Post your Coding worksheet on the Wiki page called Coding.


DUE:  November 2




Click on Create

Go over Tools (scripts)

Create a Race in

10 Minutes - video


Scratch Tutorial - video


Scratch Lessons


Hopscotch App


Daisy the Dinosaur - APP

purple line



What is Quadblogging? - video
QuadBlogging Connects Student Writers with Global Audiences


Video - Powerpoint + Kizoa



Best Sites


Tech Review - slideshow





Pinterest - video

Pinterest 2015 Tutorial for Education  - video

A Beginner's Guide to Pinterest
A Tour of Pinterest

20 Top Pinterest Tips

Best Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest Teaching Channel



Teacher's Guide To Pinterest

Exploring the Educational
Value of Pinterest


Laura Candler Boards

Peterson Pinterest Sites


Cybraryman Sites

Open a Pinterest Account if you don't have one.

Create 7 Pinterest Boards in your area of study and pin 15 pins to each board:

Every One:

1. Education Videos
2. Technology

Elementary - choose 5 more from these:
Literature Books
Social Studies
ipad Apps

High School
Create 5 more in your area of teaching.

Dec. 5


5th Grade

4th Grade

3rd Grade

2nd Grade


1st Grade

High School English Boards

Physical Education Boards

Chemistry Class Boards

High School Chemistry

Science Class Boards

High School Math

Middle School Math

High School American History

Abraham Lincoln

World History

Clever Classroom


Marvelous Math


Decorating a Classroom


Images for Education


Teaching Strategies


Educational Videos


Melissa Taylor's Pinterest


Teaching Channel


purple line


Augmented Reality/3D Printers/Music/VR Glasses

Google Cardboard: Explore and Create




Augmented Reality


What is Augmented Reality? - video


noun: augmented reality is

a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.


Augmented Reality - Kathy Schrock

Augmented Reality - FETC16


KIT - augmented messages


Augmented Reality

*Letters Alive  - video

*Letters Alive Classroom

*Letters Alive in the Classroom

*Lego  - video

*Business Card - video

Augmented Reality Pop-up Book


Ar Alphabet Flashcards - video

AR Flashcards

AR Flashcards Tutorial

AR Flashcards App





Quiver is an augmented reality application that turns your paper drawings into animated 3D objects on your iPad or Android tablet.


  A R Pinterest

10 Reasons to use Virtual Reality in the Classroom


This is What Google Expeditions Can Do in a Classroom


Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Expeditions - spreadsheet


VR Apps


Symbaloo VR Apps


VR Ready Smartphone


Digital Textbooks

A Next-Generation Digital Book - video

iBook Digital Textbooks - video

iBook Author



3 D Printer - video


3D Printer Resources

for the Classroom


5th Graders Utilize 3D Printing to Create Their Own Custom Cities


3D Printer - What Is It?


3 D Printer Ear for Boy


3 D Printers in Surgery


3D Printing can Inspire Collaboration and Innovation In Many Academic Subject Areas


Prices of 3D Printers


APP Store



*Discovery VR

*VR Ocean

*VR Roller Coaster

*Acquarium VR


Virtual Reality Pinterest



Google Expeditions


Expedition Teacher Tips


Google Expeditions Tutorial


Expeditions Resource Guide


What is Expeditions?


Field Trip


***Pandora for Classrooms


blue pencil


WEEK 5 - September 26 & 28


Class Wiki




purple line



Chat A
Chat B
Chat C
Chat D





purple line


Virtual Reality


purple line


Choose Lesson Plan Topic from SD State Standards

Lesson Plan Due: December 5



Lesson Plan Topic Ideas


 State Standards Topic High School


Secondary English: (author study) Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, poetry

Lesson Plan Topics - type in your topic and Standard Lesson Plan Student List - type in your name and lesson topic Lesson Plan Form

**Template - use this one for your lesson plan that you will create.

Write a summary in each of the activity boxes on the template on what the students will do in that part of the lesson.


purple line



5 Ways Nearpod Changes Teaching

Nearpod - 3 dots > Share > Embed

purple line



Nearpod is an engaging presentation tool that works on iPads, web browsers, Chromebooks, Android devices, laptops you name it.

Teachers can design their own Nearpod lessons or search through the awesome activities available on their site.

NEARPOD - teacher

Free 50 mg

Gold pricing - 3 gig
What is Nearpod? - video


Self-Paced Nearpod Webinar





- Landforms



- Explore the Oceans



Create a 4-slide Nearpod lesson for the lesson plan topic you have choosen. The first slide will be an introduction and the other 3 slides will be a video and websites on your topic.

How to Share a Lesson

Post it on your
Wiki Lesson Plan page.

Due: October 19


purple line




Microsoft Office OneNote

Microsoft OneNote
video tutorial

OneNote Tutorial
Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word worksheet


Office WORD 2013 Quick Reference Sheet

Office WORD 2016
Quick Reference Sheet

Custom Cheat Sheets

Microsoft PowerPoint

Office  2013
Reference Sheet

Office 2016

Reference Sheet

Making Chain Links
in PPT

Inserting Multimedia
video 14:37

Jazz Up Your PowerPoint
video 11:56

Awesome Things You Can Do
 In PowerPoint

Breathe Life into Your
PowerPoint Slides

Split Images in PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher

Features in 2013

Tutorial Video

2016 Tutorial Videos

Microsoft Excel

Excel Basics

Office EXCEL Quick Reference Sheet

Add Numbers in
Excel 2013

How to Create
a Gradebook in Excel - video

Office 365
Quick Reference

Office Mix

Deep Dive: OneNote, Sway, Office Mix

Modern Notetaking 101


Create a Notebook
with two tabs for your present classes you are taking and one tab called Lecture Notes.

You do not need to post this.
Assignments for WORD:
1. Complete
Microsoft Word worksheet


2. Create a three - section brochure document about yourself - see checklist

Post it on your Wiki on the page named
Microsoft Office.

DUE: Oct. 31
Assignment for POWERPOINT:

Create a 10-slide PowerPoint on your lesson plan topic using all the features on the checklist.
This PowerPoint is
for the students.
Post it on your Wiki on the page named Microsoft Office.

Parts of a P

DUE: Nov. 7
Assignment for PUBLISHER:

Create a 2 column newsletter on your lesson plan topic using all the features on the checklist.
This newsletter is
for the students.
Post it on your Wiki on the page named
Microsoft Office.

DUE: Nov. 2
Assignment for EXCEL:

Create a Gradebook in Excel
using the following tutorial.

Create a Gradebook
 in Excel


Save the Gradebook you created and post it on the Wiki page named
Microsoft Office.

Oct. 19


Turn Your Spreadsheet into . . .



blue pencil


WEEK 6 - October 3 & 5

Class Wiki




purple line



12 Good iPad Apps for Elementary Students

iPad tips for Teachers

How to Backup Your iPad to iCloud

3 Technology Tips for Parents of Young Children


Look I am Learning! -

video 5:54


Kindergarten Students Using iPads

video 2:10


iPad Christmas Music



*North Points iBand


*iPhone Band






iPad Keyboard

View some of
Kathy Schrock's iPad Sites

iPads in the Classroom  1st Grade
- video 2:41

View some of
Cybraryman's iPad sites

11 Free iBooks for K-12 Students

 50 Ideas on Using iPads in Classrooms

How to Play Flash Content on Your iPad
You might try:
 iSwifter
 Photon Flash 
 Puffin Web
 Skyfire Web

*Teaching Common Core Math With iPads

*Out Of This World Apps - App Search


*12 Characteristics
of an iPad Ready Classroom

SmartBoard NotebookApp

Apps Gone Free

Class Do Jo -
Behavior Management App


Sound APP - Too Noisy

Online too

5 Ways to Project
Your iPad on a Projector Screen


VGA Adapter

Air Server

Splashtop App

Apple TV
Interesting Ways to Use
 iPads in the Classroom

The 10 Types of
Educational Apps and
When to Use Them

iPad Pinterest


iPad Apps for Education


Paper App for iPhones and iPads


Assignment: Read and write a

1-2 page double-spaced report on a journal article about

C. Technology

1. What is Games-based Learning?

2. Can Virtual Reality “teach” empathy?

3. Interactive Storytelling and Coding

4. How 3 Teachers Used Expeditions

5. How to Create a Makerspace in any Space


Single space your name

and Journal article title at the top of your page.


Post your 1-2 page report on your Wiki
on the page called Journal Reports
and on the LMS.


Journal Report Checklist


DUE: Oct. 17




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Snipping Tool

START > All Programs > Accessories folder > Snipping Tool

PingPong Poll/Survey



Video Tutorial







1. What is you favorite browser?

Type it in the text box.


2. Draw two shapes in the draw box.

Kiddle - search engine for kids


Self Evaluation Elementary



Tech With Tia - March Chrome Apps

14 Smart Ways to Use Smartphone Cameras in the Classroom



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Using DO INK on the iPad


1. Start Script

2. Find pictures - these will be saved on the iPads.

3. Sign up with another person for the videotaping with the iPad.

4. Green Screen Project signup


Green Screen
Visual Guide

Green Screen Magic

Green Screen Documentation - Do Ink
Use Green background on
SmartBoard to create videos
Green Screen Examples
Green Screen/Do Ink Screen Basics Tutorial - video

Do Ink PDF Tutorial
3 Tips for Green Screen in the Classroom Green Screen Book Blurps

Green Screen Using Do Ink - video
Do Ink Tutorial Green Screen Magic Resources Green Screen
Conference Speaker - video
ASSIGNMENT: Create a Greenscreen video of
a place in the world you would like to visit.

Use 3-4 pictures in the background. You will be describing the pictures as you are being videotaped in front of the green screen.

Due: December 5

What to buy for a Green Screen classroom

1.Create a storyboard.
2. Write a script
3. Write a short story.

Do Ink

1. Save background images and
2. Save student iPad video presentations
3. Put image or images in layer 1
4. Put video in layer 2
7. Add all images and videos
8. When finished be sure to tell the program it is done. Go to end of video and locate the stopwatch.
9. Click Produce - the up arrow - now.
10. Click Save to Camera Roll.
11. Choose HD version.
                                          12. Can Share out to YouTube, Google Drive, or Drop Box to store it. Choose Google Drive.




blue pencil



Lesson Plan Student List - type in your name and lesson topic


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Green Screen Project signup


Sign-up Sheet for Green Screen Script Video


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Video Tutorials

SmartBoard Notebook 16.0 - video


 Morning Calendar - N:drive


Online books - The Very Hungry Caterpillar read by author Eric Carle


Peterson SmartBoard Symbaloo


SmartBoard Sites


Smart Table - video

SmartTable Collaborative Learning Center - video


Smart Table Technology in Kindergarten



Promethean smart table - video

SmartBoards in Special Education

Smart Solutions in
Early Learning
- video


Using the Gallery

Lesson Activity Toolkit

SmartBoard Activity Maker

PDF Overview

Tools on the SmartBoard -

go over tools

Open Smartboard on your computers and follow along.

Tools on the SmartBoard - handout

Smart Exchange
 over 50,000 lessons


Save or open in Smartboard Express


Smart Exchange Widgets

Smart Exchange Videos


Signup for Dropbox

Create a folder called Tech in Ed


Download 1 lesson to your

DropBox Tech in Ed folder

Smart Notebook Express Online

Good Internet Sites for the SmartBoard


EPIC! books

ZING books

Unite for Literacy books

iStoryBooks books


Math Sites

SmartBoard Lesson Ideas

All Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Building 21st Century Classrooms


SmartBoard Resources - Good!


e-Learning for Kids

Find 7 SmartBoard lessons in the area of your major at

Smart Exchange.

Download them to your computer.

Sign up for Dropbox.


to add lessons to Dropbox.



Due: October 19


DUE: March 23


Create a six-slide lesson on one State Standard topic.


Open SmartBoard

Click on Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0

Click on Activities

Add the following to your SmartBoard slides:




Anagram - 4 items
Category Sort - 6
Image Match - 4
Keyword Match - 4
Multiple Choice - 3
Sentence Arrange - 8


Click on EDIT for each and type the information in on a topic in the area of your Education major.


SmartBoard Activity checklist


Save it to your computer and then upload it to your Dropbox. Put the shared URL on your Wiki.


DUE: October 24


SmartBoard Lessons - Pinterest

SmartBoard Ideas - Pinterest

SmartBoard Pinterest Boards

**SmartBoard Ideas**

Create a SmartBoard
Pinterest Board
and add 15 pins to it.

December 5


purple line



Complete SmartBoard Activities


Create a six-slide SmartBoard lesson on one State Standard topic.



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WEEK 7 - October 10 & 12

HyperDoc Assignment HyperDoc for Oct 10 & 12







Lesson Plan Student List


Lesson Plan


Choose a topic from the following:


Lesson Plan Topic Ideas


 State Standards Topic


Secondary English: (author study) Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, poetry

Fill in Name:


 Grade Level:

State Standard:

Anticipatory Set:


Lesson Plan Anticipatory Set: -

find an online book or video on your lesson plan topic

Hyperlink the title of the book or video


KWL - Use this to find out what the students know about the topic, what they want to know and at the end of the lesson, what they learned.


On lesson plan:


First, we will complete the K and W on a KWL Chart to see what the students know and want to know about (add your topic).


Type in your lesson plan topic

Power My Learning

Good site to find resources
for your lesson plan

Gooru Learning - topic search engine


Zunal WebQuests

Find 1 WebQuests on your
lesson plan topic.

Technology Ideas

*Foldable Books
*Poster in Google Drawing

*Linoit Board

*Padlet Board

*Web Page Activities

*Online Videos

*Google Docs

word processing


*Google Forms
Quiz, Survey, or video worksheet

*QR Code Worksheet



Pindex is a pinboard to collect and discover the best educational material.  Anyone can create boards to share their passion and enjoy the adventure of learning.

Click on a Guide to Pindex
Click on Ancient Egypt and explore

Geography Sample


*Create a Lesson Plan

**Template - use this one for your lesson plan you will create.

COPY to your Google Drive.


**Lesson Plan Example


Technology Lesson Plan




CK-12 Study Guides

21 Things for Students

Get the Math






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What is a HyperDoc?

Go Paperless With HyperDocs - video

What is a HyperDoc?

Hyperdoc Templates

HyperDocs are the solution to personalized instruction using technology in today’s modern classroom.

With a HyperDoc you can repackage your lesson plans on a Google Doc to engage students in innovative ways! 

HyperDocs include five to seven tasks for students to complete.


Lesson Planning and Delivery Using HyperDocs - video


Cultural Revolution HyperDoc


Sample HyperDoc - Animal Habitat
Math Review Board

Create an 8 Site HYPERDOC on your lesson plan topic.
This HYPERDOCt is for the students.
Include: video sites, interactive sites, and info sites
This will be the iPad/Chromebooks part of your lesson plan.

DUE: Nov. 2

Post the HYPERDOC on the HYPERDOC Wiki page.


Peterson Pinterest Boards


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Breakout - vido Elementary

Breakout - video Middle School

BreakOut - video Middle School
Using BreakOut EDU - slide show

BreakOut Ideas -Pinterest



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WEEK 8 - October 17 (FALL BREAK) & 19

Class Wiki


October 19



Oral Group Chat

Journal Article - Technology


 Chat Group A

Chat Group B

Chat Group C

Chat Group D




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Fix SmartBoards




Lesson Plan Student List


Vocabulary Online Activity - choose one from list

Choose 8 words to use in your lesson plan


*Vocabulary Word Maps

*Vocabulary Strategies

*Fun Vocabulary Activities for High School
*Baker Bingo

Landforms Bingo
*Spelling City


What it is: Live Binders is a website that allows you to view links like pages in a book instead of URLs on a page.

Find a Livebinder on the topic of your Lesson Plans.


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Tutorial - video 5.26


How to use Voki in a Classroom

Creating Talking Avatars

Voki in the Classroom - Pinterest

**Voki Sites**
Create a Voki introducing yourself and put it on the home page of your Wiki.
Include the following:
Your first and last name, that you are a student at USF majoring in elementary education or whatever your major is. Include why you want to be a teacher.

Do not choose pictures with
the graduation cap.
Those are for paid users only.

Embed the code on your
home page of your Wiki.

DUE: Oct. 24



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blue pencil


WEEK 9 - October 24 & 26

Class Wiki





Symbaloo Manual

Copying a Symbaloo Webmix

Embedding a Webmix

Embedding Google Document

Symbaloo Pinterest

Symbaloo Manual

Peterson Symbaloo
-Art Symbaloo
Apps VR  
-Children's Literature
-Web 2.0 Tools
-High School English - copy
-Just Dance - copy
-Chemistry - copy
-Spanish - copy
-Middle School/High School Math - copy

Count Patterns
Early Childhood Books
Create an account.
Add 5 different Symbaloo pages.

1. Lesson Plan Topic

2-5 Choose from below:

i.e., Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Videos, Web 2.0 Tools, Children's Books, Authors

or topics in your major area of study.

Add 10 Internet buttons for each page.

You can use some of your Pinterest Pins.

Post the URL on a Wiki page called Symbaloo.

Due: Nov. 22

50+ Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom
Vicki Davis - Cool Cat Teacher - blog

Backchannel (take notes)
on a

Google Doc Template -

copy it to your Google Drive.

EdWeb Webinars


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WEEK 10 - October 31 & November 2


WEB 1.0. 2.0. 3.0 video


Web 1.0 is a retronym
(a word introduced
because an existing term
has become inadequate)
which refers to the state of the World Wide Web, and any website design style used before the advent of the Web 2.0 ...  Wikipedia

In Web 1.0, users are viewed as mere receivers and consumers of content.

Web 2.0 = Web 2.0 websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information. They can build on the interactive facilities of
"Web 1.0" to provide "Network as platform" computing, allowing users to run software-applications entirely through a browser. - Wikipedia

In Web 2.0 things are a bit different. Users are empowered with tools
that permit them
more interaction and participation in
knowledge building.

Web 3.0 = The next generation of the Web -- Web 3.0 -- makes tasks like your search for movies and food faster and easier. Instead of multiple searches, you can type a complex sentence or two in your Web 3.0 browser, and the Web will do the rest.
In the example, you could type "I want to see a funny movie and then eat at a good Mexican restaurant. What are my options?"
The Web 3.0 browser will analyze your response, search the Internet for all possible answers, and then organize the results for you.
That's not all. Many of these experts believe that
the Web 3.0 browser can act like a personal assistant
As you search the Web, the browser learns what you are interested in. The more you use the Web, the more your browser learns about you and the less specific you'll need to be with your questions. You can ask your browser open questions like "where should I go for lunch?" Your browser would consult its records of what you like and dislike, take into account your current location and then suggest a list of restaurants. -
 How Stuff Works

Web 3.0 - take off

Ordering Pizza

Pandora -
type in your favorite
music or singer


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Voice of the Active Learner - video


Learning in the Digital Age - video

21st Century Learning - video





1-2 page double-spaced report on a journal article about Cyberbullying (see Wiki - Journal/Webinars). Chat about your report in chatroom on April 18

Post your report on your Wiki on the page called Journal Reports.


Journal Report Checklist


DUE: Nov. 14

The Lost Generation



Art of Teaching


- view slideshow


6 Internet Tricks You Should Be Using






Create a 6 -cell canvas with
3 videos,
2 web sites and 1 picture about the topic of your lesson plan.

Put it on a Wiki page called Blendspace.

DUE: Nov. 9

Flipsnack - create 2

FlipSnack Examples

Flipsnack - Pinterest

1. Open up one of your PowerPoints

Save it as a PDF, use Flipsnack to create a book.

Embed the document on a Wiki page called Flipsnack.

2. Create a Flipsnack for a PDF document found on the N:Drive. Education>Edu240 Arlys>PDF


Embed Flipsnack Document on your Wiki on page titled - Flipsnack

             DUE: Nov. 9

Earth Cams


purple line





Person 1:

Screen capture of the site

(use snipping tool)

Overview of the Program

(link a Google Doc)

A short summary of program

Person 2:

Video Tutorial of program from YouTube

(link a YouTube video)

How it is used in education

(link a Google Doc)

Person 3: and 4 if the group has 4 people

Handout with screenshots and step-by step directions on how to use the tool.

(Link to a Tildee you created.)


PRESENTATION TEMPLATE - copy it to your Google Drive.


purple line


Class Wiki





CPalms Library

CPALMS is an online toolbox of information, vetted resources, and interactive tools that helps educators effectively implement teaching standards

  • The Magical Library
    Browse and Search

    *To Kill A Mocking Bird
    *The Civil War
    *Graphing Linear


    * Exploring Fables




    The Periodic Table of Education Technology

    Lesson Ideas


    High School Chemistry - Pinterest







    Create a 6-activity lesson on your lessonplan topic. Post the URL on the Wiki page called Wizer.


    Wizer Math Examples




    Nov. 22

    104 Photo Editing Tools
    Common Sense Education
    Discover the best apps, games, and websites and learn best practices for teaching with technology.

    ex. Science

    What it is: Live Binders is a website that allows you to view links like pages in a book instead of URLs on a page.

    Find a Livebinder on the topic of your Lesson Plan.



    Bloomz - video tutorial


    Communication Tools




    20 Instant Google Searches

    Educational Tech Commandments - video

    Adam Bellows
    Tinycards - flashcards



    blue pencil


    WEEK 11 - November 7 & 9


    Class Wiki

    Science Videos That Will Blow Your Mind


    9 Ways to Create Videos on Chromebooks


    blue pencil





    SmartBoard Lesson

    Find a SmartBoard Activity for your lesson topic at:



    Example - click on the title and copy URL to hyperlink title on your lesson plan.
    On your lesson plan, write a short summary of what the SmartBoard lesson is about.





    Chromebook/iPad Activity


    iPad/Chromebook Activity - Scavenger Hunt you will create.


    purple line

    Meet with your group




    Presentation Rubric


    PRESENTATION TEMPLATE - copy it to your Google Drive.


    30 minutes

    PRESENTER A: Create a POWERPOINT or PREZI for your presentation – Include:

    1. Screen capture of the site

    2. Overview of the Program

    3. Video Tutorial from YouTube

    4. How it is used in education


    PRESENTER B: Create a Tildee or Google Doc that includes a step-by-step procedure on how to run the program you introduce.

    1. You will teach the students how to use the program.


    ** The document (Tildee or Google Doc) is to be printed out
    and handed in to the instructor
    one week before the presentation.


    If you miss a class when presentations are given, you will need to write a one page report for each of the topics covered.

    The reports will be due one-week after you missed a presentation.**

    purple line




    Using QR Codes in the Classroom



    QR Stuff

    QR Code Generator


    QRCode Generator

    from Chrome Store

    QR Codes in Books


    Quiz Creator

    Scavenger  Hunt Generator



    QR Code Posters

    QR Codes in Math

    QR Codes in Art Classrooms

    Pinterest -
    QR Codes in the Classroom

    QR Codes Pinterest

    QR Code Ideas Pinterest


    1. QR Code Generators -  create a QR Code Activity Sheet (8 Cells) on your lesson plan topic.

    Create in Word - choose landscape format and
    put in a table 4 x 2.


    Put information, directions


     on what to do and a QR

    with an Internet Activity link


     for students to complete online


     in each of the 8 cells. Also,

    a picture to each cell.



    Put a Title and the State


    Standard in the Header.

    Post it on your Wiki on a


     page called QR Codes




     on the LMS.



    QR Stuff

    Worksheet Sample


    Book Sample


    DUE: Dec. 5


    1. Paste Internet URL into
    QR Stuff.

    2. Choose color.

    3. Click Download and then
    click Open.

    4. Right Click + Copy

    5. Paste QR Code on 8- cell
    Word Chart.

    6. Click Paste.

    7. Right click and click Wrap Text. Choose Square.

    Qrafter Reader

    QR Reader




    purple line


    Assistive Technology for Special Needs Populations

    View the five videos below in the green boxes and write a summary using the Video Summary Worksheet for each video.
    Post it on your Wiki on a page called Assistive Technology.


    Video Summary Worksheet

      DUE: Nov. 16

    Assistive Technology in Action - Meet Sam

    video 4:14
    The Sound Of Learning

    video 8:19
    Assistive Technology -
    Enabling Dreams

    Video 10:35
    Assistive Technology and Education Success
    Video 7:55
    TED TALK - Robotics


    purple line



    Assistive Technology - article

    blue pencil

    WEEK 12 - November 14 & 16

    Class Wiki


     Click on your Chat Room and start chatting about your Cyberbullying article.


    Chat Room A

    Chat Room B

    Chat Room C

    Chat Room D

      Chat Room E  


    purple line

    INTERNET - Digital Footprints/Digital Citizenship


    Wild About Safety - Disney


    Digital Footprints

    The amount of content, whether it be words, photos, audio, or video that is traceable back to a given individual.




    Google - type in your name




    What is a Digital Footprint? - video


    Can Your Digital Footprint Be Erased? - video


    Understanding the Impact
    of Digital Footprints - video


    Digital Footprint


    Digital Footprint Slideshow


    Managing Digital Footprints



    Digital Citizenship


    Digital Citizenship - video

                       Digital Citizenship

    "Connected But Alone? - video

    Common Sense Tips for
    Digital Generation Parents
    - video

    Digital Citizen Resources

    Super Digital Citizenship - video

    Digital Citizenship Online Resources

    Digital Citizen Lesson Grades 2-5 !!

    Digital Passport lesson

    Digital Passport

    Digital Citizenship
    from Practical EdTech Handbook
    Whether our students are in Kindergarten or high school before we send them out on the web we should be teaching them digital citizenship.
    Elementary School Resources
    PBS Kids offers the Webonauts Academy ( in which elementary school students can learn about safe online behaviors. When students have completed all of the Webonauts missions they will graduate from the Webonauts Academy.
    The Council
    of Europe has offers a game called Through the Wild Web Woods ( Through the Wild Web Woods is designed for students ages seven through ten to learn how to spot danger on the Internet and what to do when they do spot danger on the Internet. The game is available in twenty-four languages.
     Professor Garfield teaches students how to be safe online, how to recognize and respond to cyberbullying, and how to decide if something is a fact or an opinion. These educational activities can be found in the free Professor Garfield apps; Online Safety (, Fact or Opinion (, Cyberbullying ( All of the free Professor Garfield iPad apps use the same format. The format is a set of comic strips that students read to learn about the issues the app is focused on. At the end of the comic strips students play some simple games to practice recognizing good online behaviors.
    AT&T's Safety Land ( is a nice game through which kids learn and practice recognizing danger on the Internet. The game is set in the city of "Safety Land." As students navigate from building to building in Safety Land they are confronted with a series of scenarios and questions to respond to. If they respond correctly to each scenario they will capture the cyber criminal and send him to the Safety Land jail. Students who send the cyber criminal to Safety Land jail receive a certificate that they can print out.
    Digital Passport ( The purpose of the Digital Passport program is to provide students in grades three through five with lessons and games for learning responsible digital behavior. Digital Passport uses videos and games to teach students about cyberbullying, privacy, safety and security, responsible cell phone use, and copyright. Students earn badges for successfully completing each phase of the Digital Passport program.
    Middle School / High School Resources
    A Thin Line ( is a digital safety education resource produced by MTV in collaboration with other media partners. The purpose of the site is to educate teenagers and young adults about the possible repercussions of their digital activities. A Thin Line offers a series of fact sheets about topics like sexting, digital spying, and excessive text messaging and instant messaging. A Thin Line gives students advice on how to recognize those behaviors, the dangers of those behaviors, and how to protect your digital identity. Students can also take a short quiz to practice identifying risky digital behaviors.
    Own Your Space ( is a free ebook designed to educate tweens and teens about protecting themselves and their stuff online. Each chapter goes into great detail explaining the technical threats that students' computers face online as well as the personal threats to data that students can face online.  ThinkB4U (  is a series of web safety videos and tutorials from Google and its partners. Using the "choose your own adventure" aspect of YouTube video editing, ThinkB4U offers interactive videos to educate viewers about things like protecting online reputations, avoiding scams, research and critical thinking, and responsible text messaging. ThinkB4U is divided into three basic sections; students, parents, and educators. Each section addresses nine different topics related to safe and responsible use of the Internet and cell phones. The sections include short videos about the topics, a short written lesson, and some interactive games on the topics of responsible use of the Internet and of cell phones. The Educators' section of ThinkB4U offers lesson plans from Common Sense Media and the National Consumer League.
    Seven Digital Deadly Sins Sins (  is an interactive story produced by the National Film Board of Canada. The story contains seven chapters each containing short videos, essays, and polls. The videos and essays tell the stories of people suffering from digital sins like greed (illegally downloading media) and wrath (cyberbullying). After reading or watching the stories viewers can vote on questions about what they would do in similar situations.



    purple line



    View the following online newspapers

    Today's Front Pages Newsy*** Small Town Newspapers

    Newspaper Map

    a site where you can find
    translated newspapers in the world

    News Map


    purple line


    WEB 2.0 TOOLS


    1. EdPuzzle

    EdPuzzle Resources - new

    Tutorial video
    EdPuzzle in the Classroom - video

    EdPuzzle 3-minute Tutorial - video

    Create 3 questions on a YouTube video using the topic of your lesson plan.

    Post it on the Lesson Plan Wiki Page.


    Users simply register for an account and then create classes. Each class gets its own code that students use for joining. Teachers can search and upload videos from YouTube, TED-Ed, Vimeo, KhanAcademy, and other sites. Then you create a lesson by embedding questions in the video that provides immediate formative data and allows you to check for understanding. Questions can be multiple-choice or open-ended.


    DUE: Dec. 4


    2. Educannon Now  Playposit

    Video Bulbs


    Tutorial - video


    Playposit - blog

    Create 3 questions on a YouTube video using the topic of your lesson plan.

    Post it on the Lesson Plan Wiki Page.



    DUE: Dec. 5

    3. Vizia


    Vizia is a free tool for creating video-based quizzes. On Vizia you an import a video from YouTube or from Wistia and then add questions along the timeline of the video. You can ask multiple choice questions as well as short answer/ open-response questions. Adding a poll question into the video is also a possibility in Vizia. All of the responses to your questions are collected in a spreadsheet that you can download and or open in Google Sheets.



    Tutorial - video

    Connects with Google Drive

    The easiest way to take notes synchronized with videos!


    5. Caption Generator

    Adding Captions to YouTube videos





    7. You can create and play class quiz games at It’s a lot like Kahoot. The major difference is that Quizizz displays the question and answer options on each students’ screen. Kahoot, on the other hand, displays the question on one screen and students’ screen show only clickable buttons


    8. Teacher simply clicks the Quizlet Live button on any Quizlet study set that has at least 12 unique items. The game works with sets that are all text and with ones that have images. You need at least 6 students to play. Students go to in any device’s web browser and enter the access code for the game the teacher initiated. After all students have joined, Quizlet Live randomly divides students into teams of 3 or 4 players. Each team gets a randomly selected animal mascot. Student move so they are seated with their teammates. Once the game is started, teams race to match 12 terms and definitions.

    type in code



     9. Quizalize is a new website for playing class quiz games. The teacher can input her own questions or find a pre-made quiz. Students join the game by logging in or with a game code and are assigned to one of two teams. The teacher’s computer can either display team progress on a projector screen or be for the teacher to view who is doing well and who might need some help with the content.

    Results shown


    10. Triventy is a website for group surveys and quiz games. The teacher can input her own questions or find pre-made questions. Students join the game by logging in with a game code The teacher’s computer displays questions on a projector screen, and student devices also show the question and response buttons. Teachers can sign up for free at

    Web Tools


    26 Teacher Tools to
    Create Online Assessments


    10 Collaborative
    Technology Projects




    Paper Rater

    NBC Learn



    50 of the Best Teaching Apps for 2016

    Diffen - compare any two things

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

    Revolutionary War and Civil War

    Create a 5-question or vocabulary quiz in each of the following:

    1. Quizizz
    2. Kahoot
    3. Quizlet



    Post URL for each on your Wiki

    on a page called Quizzes


    DUE: Dec. 5

    List your favorite tool
              Google Drive Doc
    *Crossword Puzzle Maker


    purple line

    Work on past Assignments and Final Presentation


    purple line





    Presentation Rubric

    30 minutes

    PRESENTER A: Create a POWERPOINT or PREZI for your presentation – Include:

    1. Screen capture of the site

    2. Overview of the Program

    3. Video Tutorial from YouTube

    4. How it is used in education


    PRESENTER B: Create a Tildee that includes a step-by-step procedures on how to run the program you introduce.

    1. You will teach the students how to use the program.


    ** The documents (Tildee and PowerPoint/Prezi) are to be printed out
    and handed in to the instructor
    one week before the presentation.


    If you miss a class when presentations are given, you will need to write a one page report for each of the topics covered.

    The reports will be due one-week after you missed a presentation.**



    blue pencil


    WEEK 13 - November 21 & 23


    Presentation Group 1,2,3,4 turn in your presentation slides today


    Draw a Stickman

    Accessories Snipping Tool


    Writing Activity


    Create a Writing Activity using Google Docs or an iPad App


     (example - Blank Page)

    Explain a writing acitivity you will have the students do.



      Writing Ideas



     Project: Have students create a project using one of the Web 2.0 tools you learned about in Tech in Ed.(Choose 1)

    1. Padlet - have students find 3 pictures, 2 videos, 3 Internet sites, and post 4 notes about the topic or

    2. Linoit -have students find 3 pictures, 2 videos, 3 Internet site, and post 4 notes about the topic or

    3. Google Presentation - like PowerPoint but on Google Drive or

    4. Flipsnack - example Landforms (create a PowerPoint and turn it into a Flip Book.)

    5. ABC book about topic using Google Docs

    6. Drawing Tools/Online Logo Maker

    7. emaza



    Choose one and explain on the Lesson Plan what you will have the students do for the project.

    LESSON PLAN - Closing Activity


    Create some type of exit slip for students to complete to asses what they learned.


    Link to an Exit Slip Idea on the Internet - Pinterest - Exit Slips

    Google Forms

     Get Kahoot - create - student play

    Kahoot Academy Guide

    Kahoot Jumble

    Chemistry Kahoot

    Fractions 1st Grade

    What Does the Gettsburg Address Mean?



    Subject Verb Agreement





    22 Powerful Closure Activities



    Digital flashcards, can use them in study mode or classroom game mode

    Get started:

    Features of Quizlet Live, includes video and how-to: 

    Teacher creates account and flashcard sets, students join with a code (no login required)

    Students join at

    Students are assigned to teams

    See Live Demo:





    Create a four level rubric using RubiStar and
    print it.



    *Assessment and Rubrics -
    Kathy Shrock
    Embed two YouTube Videos
    on your Wiki
    on a page called Videos.

    May 7
    Digital Nation

    View the Digital Nation video and write a
    report. Discuss the following topics:
    8 Tech Tips for Differentiating in an Inclusive Classroom

    Great Site for Lesson Ideas -
    Common Core

    EducationalTechnology and Mobile Learning
    Technology List


    *24/7 Science

    *My Simpleshow


    *Bam! Radio

    Every Classroom Matters




    purple line





    What does it take to be a
    Connected Educator?       

    Willingness to be digitally literate.

    Willingness to seek out and connect
    with other educators.

    Willingness to explore and share ideas
    with other educators

    Willingness to develop and

    maintain a Professional Learning Network

    (PLN) of sources.

    Willingness to engage, and

    share pertinent Education Blogs.

    Willingness to be a lifelong learner
    in pursuit of relevance

    Integrating Technology - video



    Teaching in the 21st Century - video

    6 Terrific Tools to
    Transform Your 2016






    Common Core Cheat Sheet, Resources,


    Exactly What The Common Core

      Standards Say About Technology -


    "The Common Core standards don’t just suggest novel technology use as a way to “engage students,” but rather requires learners to make complex decisions about how, when, and why to use technology–something educators must do as well.
    In the past, tech use—whether limited or gratuitous—has been more a matter of preference or available resources than a must-do requirement.
    With the Common Core, such use is now a matter of law."

    10 Free Web Tools to Promote Reading




    Simple K12 Webinar


    Google Docs Back Channel Worksheet



     Back Channel on Google Docs



    Open Wikipedia

    How to turn an article
     into an e-Book - video

    Follow along and do each step.


    Save it as a PDF and create a booklet out of it using Flipsnack. Post it on your Wiki on a page
    called Wikipedia e-Book.

    Example - Kennedy


    A Fair(y) Use Tale - video

    A video created by Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University. He Created a humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles using sayings from our favorite Disney characters.


    Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers - handout

    Adam Bellow's
    Educational Tech Commandments
    - video

      - Backchanneling
     while you watch the video, 
    type in comments about the video
    on this Titan Pad.

    Titan Pad - main page

    Class TitanPad - East

    Class TitanPad - West


    purple line



    #1 Person create a PowerPoint

    1. Create a POWERPOINT or PREZI for your presentation – Include:

    1. Screen capture of the site

    2. Overview of the Program

    3. Video Tutorial from YouTube

    4. How it is used in education


    #2 Person create a step-by-step handout on the program

    You will teach the class how to use the Web 2.0 Tool.


    Presentations must be 30 minutes



    blue pencil



    WEEK 14 -

    Class Wiki

    Presentation Group 5,6,7,8 turn in your presentation slides today.



    Presentation Rubric


    PRESENTATION TEMPLATE - copy it to your Google Drive.


    30 minutes

    1. Create a POWERPOINT or PREZI for your presentation – Include:

    1. Screen capture of the site

    2. Overview of the Program

    3. Video Tutorial from YouTube

    4. How it is used in education

    2. The document is to be printed out and handed in to the instructor one week before the presentation.

    3. The Tildee must include a step-by-step procedures on how to run the program you introduce.

    4. You will teach the students how to use the program.

    A person - create the PowerPoint/Prezi

    B person create the Tildee

    If you miss a class when presentations are given,you will need to write a one page report for each of the topics covered.

    The reports will be due one-week after you missed a presentation.**


    purple line


    Technology Final - take home


    purple line



    PRESENTATION - Group 1 -


    -PowToon AND


    PRESENTATION - Group 2 -

    1. 10 Amazing Google Geo Tools for Your Classroom


    New Google Earth

                       Google Earth

                                    Google Earth Pro - now free!

                      Google Earth VR

                    Google Earth Pinterest Sites

                          Google Earth Community

                       Google Earth Street View

                            Google Earth for Educators



    PRESENTATION - Group 3

    English: Blogging






    Blogging in the Classroom


    PRESENTATION - Group 4




    or Roo Click




    WEEK 15 -

    Class Wiki


    Technology Final - take home




    PRESENTATION - Group 5



    Movie Maker

    Collage Maker

    PRESENTATION - Group 6


    Quiz Programs








    PRESENTATION - Group 7

    ELEM: iPads - reading/writing apps

    Choose 6 - each person present two

    PRESENTATION - Group 8

    ELEM: iPads - math apps

    Choose 6 - each person present two


    blue pencil


    WEEK 16 -




    FINAL -


    Technology Final - Post on LMS and on Wiki on a page called Final


    Technology Survey



















    Kathy Schrock Online tools


    8 Digital Skills We Must Teach Our Children


    50 Fantastic Tools for School


    rainbow line


    ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act 2015 - video


    ESSA is a Win for Ed Tech - article


    rainbow line


    The A-Z of Teaching Trends and Technology


    rainbow line


    National Technology Conferences Handouts

    TCEA -Texas 2017 Technology Conference

    FETC - Florida 2016 Technology Conference/ Videos

    METC - Midwestern 2016 Technology Conference

    ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education 2016 Conference

    NETA - Nebraska 2015 Technology Conference

    TIES Minnesota Technology Conference - handouts 2016



    Education Technology Conference Speakers


    Adam Bellow's Educational

    Tech Commandments - video

    Adam Bellow - ISTE Closing Keynote

    Best Digital Practices for
    Writers Workshop

    Let's Get Accessible: Breaking Barriers to Learning with the iPad

    iThink Therefore iApp: Great Apps
    for Math and Science

    Cultivating Digital Age
     Instructional Leaders

    Fostering Creativity and Innovation
    through Technology

    iLearning.iFlexible.iPad: Ideas, Tools, and Resources That Amplify Student Learning
    Making Learning Meaningful for your Millennial Students through RWLDs

    Mega Makeovers: Five Global Tech Trends That'll Change Everything Educational

    Unleash Google Docs in Your Classroom: Student Use Starter Kit

    Reinventing Math Instruction with Technology
    Tammy Worcester


    Dive into Deeper Learning

    Dynamic Assessments Using
    Google Apps

    The Tomorrow Toolkit: Free Web Tools to Support Elementary Learning
    Adam Bellow

    A Day with


    Crackin' the QR Code!

    Apps and Edmodo: Discover How to Effectively Connect Your Tech Tools

    101 Free Tech Tools for Teachers

    Design Your Digital Tattoo: Helping Students Build Their Digital Image


    Real-World Math Lessons with
    Google Earth

    Abundant Learning: Four New Strategies for Connected Classrooms

    Will Richardson
    10 Killer iPad Projects Students will LVE

    Reading, Writing, and Wikis


    Book: Wikis for School Leaders

    Tammy's Top 20 Technology
    Tips, Tricks, and Tools

    Streamline Your Workflow: Free and Easy Tools for Super Administrators

    ISTE Videos


     Docs Teach

     Jeopardy Labs

    Study Blue




    Preschool Pinterest
    6th Grade Pinterest

    Oh! How! Pinteresting

    Tackk - Web creator



    purple line




    Edmodo New Features - video

    Snapshot on Edmodo - video

    Edmodo Training for Teachers - video

    What is Edmodo? - video

    Intro to Edmodo
    - video

    Edmodo on Pinterest



    Create an Teacher
    Edmodo Account

    How to Sign Up as a Student
    How to Sign Up Parents

    How to Join Your
    School District's Edmodeo


    Create a Group

    Edmodo Directions

    Edmodo Worksheet

    Edmodo Checklist

    Teacher Guide To Edmodo

    Quick Guides to Edmodo -

     Elem - High Schools

    Edmodo Spotlight
    Find 6 free resouces and Add them to Edmodo Library

    SnapShot Quick Guide

    Using Google Drive with Edmodo

    Share Google Docs
    With Your Students
    Add a Resource to your
     Edmodo Library

    Add your newsletter or presentation
    Download them as a Word or PDF document.
    Go to the Edmodo App Store and
    View Some Apps
    Apps on Edmodo
    Post an Internet Link on
    Your Edmodo - use Note
    Embed a video on your Edmodo

    Embed a Video
    Post a Quiz on your Edmodo
    Create and Send a New Quiz

    Post a Poll on your Edmodo
    Create and Send a Poll

    Post a Note on your Edmodo

    Send a Note

    Send a Post to Parents
    Post an Assignment on your Edmodo

    Posting Assignments

    Zaption Presenter




    Aurasma iPad App Tutorial



    Aurasma - video




    Flipped Classrooms

    Thinking About Flipping Your Classroom?

    Why I Flipped My Classroom

    The Flipped Classroom Pro and Con

    How to Flip a Lesson

    Salman Khan (Khan Academy)


    Create A Radio Station



    21st Century Classroom


    Take Kahoot! to the Next Level

    By now, most of you have tried Kahoot!, the game-based student response system. The teacher creates a free account and then can create quizzes with embedded images and video. Students respond to the quiz using any device with Internet access. The faster they respond, the more points they score.


    Kahoot! is lots of fun and really motivates students to participate. But what you may not know about it is the data that you can access once the quiz is over. After logging in, the teacher can access data from each quiz by clicking on the cloud download icon next to the name of each quiz. This will download an Excel spreadsheet that includes a detailed analysis of the student answers, including correct and incorrect answers by each student, along with an overview of how all of the students performed. This data is automatically generated and is a wonderful tool for formative assessment to guide instruction.

    Record MP3


    Record your voice.

    Copy the URL.

    Insert it in a code generator program.

    Create a QR Code and
    post it on your Wik



    QRCode with audio - handout

    Voice Thread





    landform example


    Sign up for an account


    Click on Browse to see VoiceThreads on a variety of topics


    Voice Thread Help


    VoiceThread 4 Educators

    Click on a grade level and view one VoiceThread



    VoiceThread Pinterest Boards


    Voice Thread

    Create a VoiceThread.

    Include 3 pictures for your lesson plan topic

    Create comments for each picture.

    1.Tell who or what the picture is about.

    Tell the students to go to a video or
    watch a movie about the topic.

    2. Insert a URL video
    about the picture.



    Link it on a Wiki page called VoiceThread





    "60 Tools in 60 Minutes"

    60 Tools in 60 Minutes - video speaker: Brandon Lutz

    60 Tools List

    60 Tools Web Page

    50 Technology Treasures - video

    50 Technology Treasures Slideshow



    "A Funny Thing Happened
    on the Way to the Future"
    Adam Bellows (22)

    Titan Pad - Backchanneling
     while you watch the video, 
    type in comments about the video
    on this Titan Pad




    Leadership 2.0 -
    FETC Eric Sheninger
    (High School Principal) - video

    Back Channel - Neat Chat

    Back Channeling
    The Best Web Tools and Tech Toys for Your Classroom - Adam Bellow

    Open a Google Doc Document , name it Bellows and take notes on the Best Web Tools and Tech Toys Video. Post your notes on your Wiki on a page called Speakers


    Google and More: Hordes of Free Tools - FETC 2013 - video - Hurley Rushton


    Open a Google Doc Document, name it Rushton and take notes on the Google and More Video. Post your notes on your Wiki on the page called Speaker.



    Rushton Website



    TCEA2013  TCEA 2014

    ISTE 2013

    Ohio Tech Conference OETC 2014

    IRA 2013 Convention


    60 in 60: 60 Instructional Technologies in 60 Minutes - FETC 2015

    Open Google docs and takes notes while viewing video.

    List of Programs



    OLD Wiki

    Nov. 17

    Snip It (New Tool)

    Snip It Tutorial

    60 in 60





    Big History Project




    Adam Bellow


    You're Invited to Change the World -

    ISTE 2013 Confernce Speaker


    explore + share + contribute =
    touch the future / change the world

    Author and educational technologist Adam Bellow delivers the closing keynote of ISTE 2013 with a high-energy presentation reveling in the joys of being a connected educator in these amazing times. Showcasing stories of inspiration from classrooms around the world and anecdotes from Bellow's career, and highlight inspiration from classrooms around the world. Bellow invites you to challenge yourself to make a difference in your school with creativity and kindness


    Open a document in Google Drive and name it Bellow Notes.
    Type at least 5 comments about the information Adam Bellows is presenting.

    Create a page on your Wiki called Bellow Video and post the link to your Google document.


    10 Free Web Tools to Promote Reading


    Simple K12 Webinar


    Google Docs Back Channel Worksheet


    creates  a "word cloud"

    "Wonders of Wordle"

    Wordle Tutorial - video

    **Wordle Ideas

    Create a Wordle using a poem, a paragraph from a famous speech, or typing in 15 words that describe a person or event in history.

    a. Click on Create

    b. In the top textbox, type or copy and paste your words.

                                  Note: The more a word is repeated in this textbox, the larger it will be in the word cloud.  For instance, I would type Smith 3 times so that it stands out from the other names.

    c.  Click Go.

    d.  Click Randomize to create
    different layout.

    e.   You can also customize the look of your word cloud using the toolbar at the top of your screen.

    f.  Save as .png

    g. Post the File on the Word Cloud page on your Wiki.

    Create a Word Cloud page if you do not have one.


    **keep words in a phrase use a tilde between words - Happy~Birthday~to~Tom

    Famous Speeches


    Create a word cloud using 10
    words about technology. Use some of the p[rogram names that you learned about in TEch in Ed - ex. Edmodo, Twitter, etc.

    -Click on Start Now.
    Think of ten words about technology.
    Choose Shape.
    Choose Theme.
    Choose Font.
    Choose Orientation.
    Click Save/Share and copy the Iframe Code Snippet and embed the code on a Wiki Page called Word Clouds.

    Save as a jpg 250 pictures and put it on your Wiki on a page called Word Clouds.

    Tagxedo Examples

    *Use a ~ to keep two words together, i.e, Sioux~Falls


    Word It Out

    Top 10 Ways
    to Use Technology
    to Promote Reading

    Google Maps and Earth - slideshow
    Google Earth Pro is now free



    ***Google Earth Pinterest Sites

    My Reading Mapped




    Kids Blog


    ***Blogging Pinterest



    ***StoryJumper Pinterest Sites




    Storybird Pinterest


    National Technology Conferences Handouts

    TCEA -Texas 2016 Technology Conference

    FETC - Florida 2016 Technology Conference

    METC - Midwestern 2016 Technology Conference

    TIE 2016 SD Conference

    FETC Videos 2015
    ISTE 2015
    NETA 2015Hemingwayapp

    Actively Learn


    Every Teacher a Literacy Teacher - video description of programs

    My Simple Show



    Prezi Pinterest Sites

    Presenting Perfectly with Prezi
     Prezi YouTube Channel; Embedding a Prezi



    Quickstart Guide

    PowToon Basics

    Kizoa - Slideshow/Videomaker, Collage, Photo Editor

    Kizoa Handout
    Upload Kizoa directly to YouTube


    Crackin' the QR Code!
    58 min video

    Using QR Codes in the Classroom
    video - 20:00

    YouTube Version

    Tony Vincent



    Handouts - indepth
    Peterson/Langenhorst Presentation

    Handouts - breakout

    Customized/Personalize Learning

    Which is more important - the learning or the learner?

    Flipped, Project-Based, Blended Learning, Digital Literacy, Flexible Schedules, Self-Directed Learners, Modify Standard to Learners

    Eastern Carver County Schools - Chaska, MN, Utah, Virginia, 10 school in SD grades 3-12.


    Traditional vs Personalized

    Chaska - 4 hrs a day 6th - 8th graders; Lang Arts, Social Studies, Science


    OTHER TOPICS AT CONFERENCE: Genius Hour, Osmo, Coding, TIE Session on Coding, Student Portfolios using Seesaw, App Smashing,

    Maker Space, Gamification


    FETC Closing Keynote


    The Future of Educational Technology


    A keynote session from the FETC 2015 conference with former West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise, Founder and President of eduTecher and eduClipper Adam Bellow and CEO of GameDesk, Lucien Vattel. Each education technology leader responds to the question: what is the future of educational technology?


    Open up a BackChannel document in Google Docs and take notes.

    Post them on the ETC Wiki page.


    BrainPop Jr Cyberbullying - videos
    Bullying video
    Internet Safety video
    Click on Activities and
    Easy and Hard Quiz

    Internet Safety Basics

    Internet Safety Videos - Pinterest

    Internet Safety - Pinterest

    Change Attitude About Bullying:
    Be an Ally
    17 minute video
    Questions to Consider

    *Why is it important to distinguish between bullies, bystanders and allies?

    *What elements of the student-led workshop play an integral part in changing the school culture?
    *How does mediation seek to change student attitudes?

    A Teacher's Guide to Keeping
     Students Safe Online
    Super Digital Citizen
    - 7 minute video

    Questions to Consider

    *How does Mr. Pane engage students in this lesson?

    *What kinds of digital dilemmas do the superheroes resolve?

    *How could you use gallery walks in your classroom?

    Understanding the Impact of
    Digital Footprints
    - 6 minute video

    Questions to Consider

    *How does Mr. Van Dyck model the idea of digital footprints with a personal example?

    *In what ways does the challenging nature of the task (and the choice in hosts) increase
    student engagement?

    *What types of evidence do students provide to justify their choice in hosts?

    What's Crossing the Line?
    6 minute video


    Questions to Consider

    *How does Ms. Withers encourage students to consider multiple perspectives and support their opinions?

    *What structures are in place to facilitate meaningful and appropriate group conversations?

    *In what ways do the case studies help students explore and test their ideas?




    Common Craft
    Secure Passwords

    - 3 minute video



    FOR PaperRater:


    The goal of this Technology Application Project was to increase the students’ technology skills while implementing an engaging Family and Consumer Science curriculum.  The lessons used in this curriculum were aligned with the South Dakota FACS standards and the ISTE National Student Standards for Technology.    

    The lessons were then developed into two separate six-week classes.  One of the six-week curriculums were implemented into the 6th grade, and the other an 8th grade FACS class at Harrisburg North Middle school.  By incorporating technology into the curriculum, the project coordinator hoped that students would not only increase their technology skills in the classroom, but also be able to apply these technology skills learned in their other classes and personal life.