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Roy, Tale of the Singing Zebra - Guided Reading

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Adventures of Herman the Worm

 All-Star River Explorers



A Touch of Class - Plant and Animal Classification

A Walk in the Woods

BC Science Clips

Break It Down - Physical Science


Changing State

Chemistry Jeopardy Games

Chain Reaction - Food Web

Earth - Our World in Motion

Earth's Crust

Eating Healthy

Electric Circuits

Exploring the Secret Lives of Trees

Eduscapes - Science Activities

Food Chains

Food Web

Food Web

Food Chains -Smart Lesson    

Goldburger to Go - Simple Machines

Gravity Launch

Great Corn Adventure

How The Body Works

Life Cycle of Plants  

Identifying Forces

Insight into Eyesight

Interactive Weather Maker


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Kingdoms of Living Things 4-6


Learning About Simple Machines K-3

Life Cycles

Life Cycles

Light 4-6

Living Oceans

Moon Phases 4-6

Nature vocabulary


Parts of the Body

Planet Popup

Plant Labels

Plant Life Cycles

Plants Need Light and Water to Grow

Plant Reproduction

Plate Tectonics 4-6

Pushing and Pulling

Virtual Body


Simple Machines

Solids and Liquids

Solids, Liquids, Gases 4-6

Sorting Living Things

Sound and Hearing

Sources of Light

Science View

Science Games

Science NetLinks - Thinkfinity


Temperature 4-6

Trees are Terrific


Using Electricity

Water Cycle 4-6



Peterson K-8 Math Sites
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Multiplication - NEW

 Aha!Math Animal Addition K-3 Addition and Subtraction - Easter Baskets K-3

Addition With Regrouping K-3



Big and Small 


Byte Size Math Sites

Calculator Activity 4-6

Choose the Larger Number - K-3

Choose the Smaller Number K-3

Coordinate Plane 4-6

Count Us In

Currency Math Activities Grades 1-2

Currency Math - Grades 3 and up


Carroll 4


Draggable Math  

Equivalent Fractions 4-6

Eduscapes - Math Activities



Estimating Percents Equivalent Factions
Elementary Math Activities  eChalk Math  

Fact Families K-3

Find One More

Flashcards K-3

Fraction Pieces 4-6

Fraction Wall 4-6

Fun With Geometric Shapes




Going Shopping K-3


Geometry Interactive

How to Use a Ruler

Interactive Mathematics

Introduction to Integers 4-6

Introduction to Time K-3

Illuminations - Math

**Interactive Numeracy Resources

Johnny's Math Page

Interactive Math Sites Java Math Programs
Interactivate - Math Interactive Math Whiteboards Interactive Math Sites for SMART Board

Less, More, Equal

Lines, Line Segments, and Rays 4-6

Logic - Venn Diagram Games

Math Standards Activities  Maths Online Multiplication Baseball
Mathionaire Math Multiples Math Games


Math Games

Math Starters

Magic Squares 4-6

Making Sense of Teens 11-14, 4-6

Making Sense of Teens 15-19, 4-6

Math Jeopardy

Math SmartBoard Sites

Measuring Angles 4-6

Measure Up K-3

Mend the Number Square


Money Games

Money K-3

Money 2, K-3

Multiplication Activities

Multiplication Madness 4-6

Measurement Matching

Number Sequence K-3

Magnetic Numbers

Numeracy Hour

Numeracy Flash Sites


Number Sense

 Order of Operations Order of Operation 4-6 Ordinal Numbers K-3

Olympic Math Measures 4-6



Pattern Trains K-3

Perimeter 4-6

Place Value 4-6

Polygons 4-6

Practice Rounding Numbers K-3

Putting 10s in Order

Place Value Chart


Pattern and Functions and Algebra

Problem Solving

Penny Toss Problem Solving
Patterns, Functions and Algebra    
SMART Board Lessons (Math) SB Math Activities SB Math Sites

Sorting Long and Short Vowels K-3

Sorting Triangles


Story of Money

Sum Sense Sum of Zero Circles


Teaching Time

Teaching Fractions

Using a Ruler K-3

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Volume 4-6

What’s My Angle

Virtual Manipulatives Math Links


Peterson K-8 Social Studies Sites
High School Resources


State Web Games

Map Games

Timeline Game

Geography Key Words 4-6

Place the States

Map Skills 4-6

Pueblo Story Teller

Eduscapes - Social Studies Activities

My School - People and Rules

We Can Earn Money - Economics

Buying the Perfect Pet

Producers Use Resources

Letter Mailing Process

What Do You Want to Be?

My School

Match People to Their Service

Mapping Our World

Early American History

Ben's Guide to Government

 Big Picture
State Map Recognition Early Explorers  


Peterson Language Arts Sites
High School Resources

Alphabetical Flowers K-3

Alphabet Skills K-3

Apostrophes in Action

Author's Purposes 4-6



Alphabet Road - video    

Antonym word web 

Antonym sites 

Build a sentence  

Biography clotheslines

 Boggle Game - Word Twist


Color Stories K-3

Comparative Adjectives

Compound words

Characteristics – adjectives 

Create Burns' Poetry Clean Up Your Grammar
 Doodle Splash--Response to Literature    

Electronic Books

Eduscapes - Language Arts


Fables K-3

Fact or Opinion

Find the Five "W" Facts 4-6

Frosty the Snowman K-3


Goldilocks and the Three Bears K-3

Goldilocks and Three Bears 

Grammar, Punctuation,
and Spelling Activites

   Grammar Exercises for Smartboard  Genre Grammar Ninja
Grammar Blast Grammar Practice Park  

Handwriting Practice K-3

Homonym Baseball 4-6

I’m Reading  

Idioms 4-6

Introduction to Paragraph Writing 4-6

**Interactive Literacy Resources

Letter Sort K-3

Letter Writing 4-6

Literature Game 4-6

Literacy SmartBoard Sites

Long Vowel Cloze Sentences K-3

Literacy Hour

Make a Word Magnetic Spelling Board Matching letters

Making Sentences K-3



Noun Hunt K-3

Nouns K-3

Poetry Site w/ Intro and Quizzes Phonics  

Paragraph Writing

Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and Suffixes 4-6

PrePrimer Dolch Cloze Sentences K-3

Primer Dolch Cloze Sentences


Rhyming words

Read,Write,Think Activities

Sequence - Putting Things in Order K-3

Single and Plural Nouns 4-6

Subject Pronouns 4-6

Sentence sort 


Speed words

StarFall - Reading Activities

Spin and Spell SqoolTube Videos

Types of Conflicts in Stories 4-6

Things that Belong   

Visuwords--online Graphical Dictionary/Thesaurus    

Verbs K-3

Vocabulary - Big and Small K-3

Vowels K-3

Word Magnets

Word Meaning Games 

Wide World of Verbs

Word Games Word Ahead Vocabulary Videos  


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