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Attendance Check in samples Calendar Activities Calendar Activities - Frog Theme Calendar Activities Calendar Activities
Calendar Ideas Color Wheel Daily Calendar Math Daily Oral Language Template Daily Weather - Calendar
 First Day of School Hollywood Squares review Jeopardy - looks great and easy to set up K-3 Interactive
Monthly Calendar
Morning Lesson
Morning Meeting Morning Routine Activities NetSmartz Primary Keyboarding Primary Keyboarding 2
Tic Tac Toe Welcome Back to School Finding the Five “W” Facts    



Beginning Sounds for JKL Beginning Sounds for MNO Beginning Sounds for STU Beginning Sounds for YZ Beginning Sounds for VWX
Beginning Sounds for DEF Beginning Sounds for PQR Beginning Sounds for GHI Blend Phonemes – A to E Blend Phonemes – F to J
Blend Phonemes – K to O Blend Phonemes – P to T Blend Phonemes – U to Z “Be” Words “Bo” Words
"Ca" Words Cl words Ch Sound Fr words Final Phoneme “y”
Final Phoneme “t” II Final Phoneme “t” Final Phoneme “s” Final Phoneme “r” Final Phoneme “p”
Final Phoneme “n” Final Phoneme “l” Final Phoneme “k” Final Phoneme “igh” Final Phoneme “g”
Final Phoneme “er” Final Phoneme “d” Final Phoneme “ce” III Final Phoneme “ce” II Final Phoneme “ce”
Final Phoneme “og” Final Phoneme “oe” Final Phoneme “o” Letter Sort Long Vowel Cloze Sentences
Long e Sound Long i Sound Long o Sound Long u Sound Long a Sound
“Ma” Words Phonic Games Phonics Sorting Short and Long Vowels "Sc" Words
Short e Sound Short a Sound Short o Sound Short i Sound Short u Sound
St Sound Tr" Words Vowel Soup Wa words  
Beginning Blend Beginning Consonant Sounds Beginning Consonant Sounds Beginning, Middle, and End E and Ch word sort
Grade 1 -
Short Vowel Family Sort
Kindergarten - The Letter D Let's Go Shopping for Beginning Sounds Matching Beginning Sounds OO Words 
Phonics Treasure Hunt Phonics Unit 1, Week 1 Phonemic Awareness Recognizing the Letter "M" Short Vowels with "Zac the Rat"
Short "a" and Short "i" Review Short "a" and Long "a" (ae) Short "a" and Long "a" (ai) Short "a" and Short "i" Words Short 'u' Activities
Short Vowel Word Grid Game The letter M Vowel Digraph Sorts and Concentration Word Families Word Families
Word Families - Short Vowels        


Adventurous Vocabulary – Tired and Surprised Adventurous Vocabulary – Big and Small  A Picture is Worth Many Words A Picture is Worth Many Adjectives Choosing the Right Word
Common Idioms Glorious Mystery Words! High Frequency Words High Frequency Words High Frequency Words
High Frequency Words I’m Thankful for Verbs Labeling Buildings Labeling Rooms Labeling a House
Labeling The Outdoors Labeling Transport Labeling School Objects Letter - Combination Word Making Making New Words
Making Words Noun Hunt Nutty About Nouns Personal Pronouns Pre-Primer Dolch Cloze Sentences
Primer Dolch Cloze Sentences Sorting Words Textures - describing words Word Search 1 Word Search 2
Word Search 3 Catch the Word Game Compound Words Compound Words on the Move Contraction Action
Contractions and
Compound Words
Fishing for Words: Nonsense Words Flashlight Sight Words Four Corners Vocabulary Guess the Covered Word
Multiple Meaning Words Rhyming Words Sight Word Activities Sight Word Activities Sight Words - Kindergarten
Sight Words - 1st Grade Sight Words - 2nd Grade Sight Words - 3rd Grade Transportation and Kid Transportation Bingo! K-2
site words


Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes Color Stories Fables Frosty the Snowman Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Nursery Rhymes Nursery Rhyme Endings Picture Rhymes Rhyme Time Sing Along to Old MacDonald’s Farm
The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher The Tale of Peter Rabbit The Tale of Pie and the Patty-Pan The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes The Tale of Two Bad Mice Twas the Night
Before Christmas
A "Little House on the Prairie/ Big Woods" Brown Bear Brown Bear
Dr.Seuss Author Study Dr. Seuss The Foot Book Favorite Authors Fiction or Non Fiction? Gingerbread Boy
Good Night, Sleep Tight Grade 2 Reading -
Flat Stanley Books
Green Eggs and Ham
by Dr. Seuss
Hattie and the Fox Humpty Dumpty
Laura Numeroff-
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
Lesson for Dr. Seuss's
The Cat in the Hat
Lesson for The Shape of Me and Other Stuff Lesson for
One Fish, two Fish, blue Fish
Little Red Riding Hood
Mrs. McNosh and
the Great Big Squash
Other settings/characters Retelling "The Three Little Pigs" Story Block  The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Giving Tree Three Billy Goats Gruff      


Alliteration - Plants Alphabet Capital Letters – Titles Capital Letters – Places Capital Letters – Names
Capital Letters – Months Capital Letters – Months 2 Capital Letters – Days of the Week Describing Experiences - Food Describing Experiences - Transport -sequencing and explaining why
Describing Experiences - School Describing Using Our Senses Describing Experiences - Toys Describing Experiences Describing Experiences - Farm
Fact or Opinion Order Getting Things in Order  Hand Writing Practice Learn to print - lowercase Learn to print - uppercase
Reading Emotions Sentences Spelling Patterns    
Alpha Box at Family  Alphabet Match Cause and Effect Create a Sentence
Context Clues: Koosh Ball Game Friendly Letter Template HFW, Digraph, and Spelling Word Games High Frequency Words Informational Text Features
Intro to Making Words (4 Blocks Model) Nouns Nouns - Plural Nouns - Proper Onsets and Rimes
Opposites Opposites Prefix Mania Prefixes and Suffixes Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words
 Power Umbrella Punctuation Power Race Around the World Reading Symposium Activities Rhyming and Word Families
Rhyming Words Scrambled Sentences Sentence Scramble Spell It Spell that Animal
Suffixes Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms  Synonyms and Antonyms Working with Words  



Matching Exploring Mathematical Guesses Using Objects and Manipulatives (Question set)
Mathematics to Understand Mathematical Phenomena (Question set) Odd and Even (Question set) Picture Addition (Question set)
Using Models (Question set) Adding Animals Adding Animals (Question set) Adding Animals Part II Adding Animals Part III
Adding Classroom Objects Adding Classroom Objects Part II Adding Classroom Objects Part III Adding Food Counting Numbers (Question set)
1 More, 1 Less *1 More, 1 Less (Question set)
2 More, 2 Less Choose the Larger Number
*Choose the Larger Number
(Question set)
Choose the Smaller Number
*Choose the Smaller Number
(Question set)
Counting With Animals Ordering Vocabulary, Part 1 Ordering Vocabulary, Part 2 Number Sentences
(Question set)
Comparing and Ordering Numbers
*Comparing and Ordering Numbers (Question set)
Counting Animals III Counting by 5's Counting to 20 Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To
Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To? (Question Set)
*Matching (Question Set)
Number Sequencing to 100 Number Words up to 100 Who is next? Comparing and Ordering Numbers
*Comparing and Ordering Numbers (Question set)
* Senteo
Fact Families
Missing numbers
*Missing Numbers (Question Set)
Number Sentences to 100
*Number Sentences to 100 (Question Set)
Problem Solving Using Symbols Slam Dunk Addition Slam Dunk Subtraction
What Makes 10 Problem Solving (Question set) Simple Mathematical Problems
(Question set)
Thanksgiving Day Math Fun Patterns (Question set)
*Patterns (Question set)
Slides, Flips and Turns for Two-Dimensional Figures (Question set) 100 Square Counting Practice Making Picture Patterns Money
Pattern Trains Animal Addition Looking for Patterns
*Looking for Patterns (Question set)
Scrambled Easter Eggs Mathematics to Understand Mathematical Phenomena (Question set)
Number Sentences (Question set) Commutative Property Addition
(Question set)
Exploring Mathematical Guesses Using Objects and Manipulatives (Question set) Mathematics to Understand social phenomena (Question set) Picture Addition (Question set)
Simple Mathematical Problems
(Question set)
Zero Element for Addition
(Question set)
Adding Animals Part II Adding Animals Part III Adding Food Part III
Adding Plants Adding Plants Part II Adding Plants Part III Adding Transport Adding Transport Part II
Adding Transport Part III Addition and Subtraction Practice Addition and Subtraction Riddles Addition with Regrouping Animal Addition
Flash Cards Halloween Math Fun Kindy Addition St. Patrick's Day Math Subtracting Animals
Subtracting Animals Part II Subtracting Animals Part III Tennis Court Addition Tennis Court Subtraction Commutative Property Addition
(Question set)
Multiplication by Using Repeated Addition (Question set) Zero Element for Addition (Question set) Objects, Pictures and Symbols (Question set) Fraction Action (Question set) Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To
*Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To? (Question Set)
Shirts and Pants Valentine's Day Math      


Grouping Geometric Shapes (Question set) Objects, Pictures and Symbols (Question set) 2D Shapes
*2D Shapes (Question set)
Describing Shapes
*Describing Shapes (Question Set)
Estimating Shape - Circles
Estimating Shapes - Circles
(Question Set)
Estimating Shape - Mixed Shapes Estimating Shape - Rectangles Estimating Shape - Squares Estimating Shape - Triangles Fun with Geometric Shapes
Learning Colors Shapes
*Shapes (Question Set)
Sorting 2D and 3D Shapes Toy Shapes Tracing Shapes
Directional Instructions Sorting 2D and 3D Shapes      


24-Hour Clock Counting Numbers (Question set) Time Vocabulary, Part 1 Time Vocabulary, Part 2 Numbers and Quantities (Question set)
Counting Coins Currency Vocabulary
*Currency Vocabulary (Question Set)
Drink Machine Math Going Shopping Going Shopping (U.S. Bills)
*Going Shopping (U.S. Bills) (Question Set)
Going Shopping (US Coins)
*Going Shopping (U.S. Coins) (Question Set)
Hot Food Machine Math How Much for the Animals? How Much for the Drinks? How Much for the Fruit?
How Much for the Toys? How Much for the Vegetables? Money Money 2 Measuring Madness
Measuring Puppy Non-Standard Measurement Non-Standard Measures - Animals Non-Standard Measures - Food Non-Standard Measures - Objects
Non-Standard Measures - Toys Non-Standard Measures - Transport Comparing and Ordering Numbers
*Comparing and Ordering Numbers (Question set)
Heavyweight Zoo Measure Up!
*Measure Up! (Question Set)
Square: Side and Diagonal Measurements Sequencing - Descending Ten in a Bed    



Alice the Camel Caterpillar Count - Counting Backward by 1s, Part 1
*Caterpillar Count - Counting Backward by 1s, Part 1 (Question Set)
Caterpillar Count - Counting Backward by 1s, Part 2
Caterpillar Count - Counting Backward by 5s, Part 1 Counting Caterpillars - Counting Backward by 2s
Counting Caterpillars - Counting Forward by 1s, Part I Counting Caterpillars - Counting Forward by 1s, Part II Counting Practice Counting to 20 Number Sentences to 100
Number Sequencing to 100 Number Words up to 100 Odds and Evens
*Odds and Evens (Question Set)
1,2 Buckle My Shoe Ants Go Marching
Count to Ten in Different Languages Counting by 5's Feed the Bears! Read and Write Numbers Tennis Court Subtraction
This Old Man Ordinal Numbers to Ten Ordinals
*Ordinals to 31 (Question Set)
Dozen and Half-dozen Base Ten and Place Values
Choose the Larger Number
*Choose the Larger Number (Question set)
Operation Number      


Addition Boxes Math Vocabulay   Bar Graph Counting Change Shape Sorting
10 Frame 100x Board with Infinite Clone Shapes 2D and 3D Shapes 5 Frame Addition Facts Under 10
Addition Facts Under 10 Addition with Regrouping Apples Theme Calendar Activities Beat the Teach: Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction Birthdays
Coins - Counting Coins - Minimal Coin Change Color Tile Patterns Computation Games Computation Spinner Games
Counters in a Cup Counting Money Counting Money - Coins and Dollars Counting Numbers Data Activities
Data Analysis: Range, Median, and Mode Data Collection Data Sense Dot Configurations Even and Odd Numbers
Exploring the Hundreds Chart - Investigations Family Graphing Fun Fido Math Fractions Graph of the Week
Graphing - Summertime Activities Graphing Our Favorite Subjects Graphing our Pets and Colors Greater Than, Less Than Greater Than, Less Than
Greater Than, Less Than How Big is That? How Many? Hundreds Board Identifying and Counting Coins
Identifying Odd and Even Numbers Identifying Plane Shapes Identifying Whole Numbers Improper and Mixed Fractions Incredible Equations
Introduction to Multiplication Investigations - Favorite Things Graph Jeopardy- Math Review Jeopardy- Math Review Label the Pattern
Logic Puzzles Math Properties Math and Reading Review Math Review Activities Math Topics
Money - Magnificent Money Money and Coins Money and Coin Activities Money: Identifying and Counting Coins Mystery Patterns
Number Line Number of the Day Number Sense Ordinals Patterning
Patterning Practice Patterns Pattern Strips Patterns, Patterns Everywhere Patterns, Patterns, Patterns
Pick a Pair Piggy Bank Math Place Value: High Number, Low Number Place Value Practice Place Value Riddles
Place Value Place Value - 2 Digit Plane Figures: Definitions, Identifications, Sorting by Attribute Plane Shape Attributes Probability
Probability Race to a Dollar Game Real World Money Series, Range, Median, and Mode Shapes -Fly Swatter Game
Solid and Plane Figure Sorting Solid Shapes-Understanding, Describing, and Analyzing Sorting Shapes Story Problems - Apple Theme Subtraction with Regrouping
Time: AM and PM Things That Come in 2's, 3's, and 4's What's the Pattern The Facts of Life: An Interactive Fact Family Math Game Coins, Coins, Coins
Dot Configuration Games and Activities Level: K-2 Money Matters Kindergarten Rounding to
Tens and Hundreds
Length Measurement
Practice Game
Symmetrically Symmetric
4 Seasons Sort Basic Shapes for Kindergarten Making Change Rounding That Works Counting Coins/Elementary
/Math- Money Skills
Place Value to Millions Primary Math/Money Skills/Counting Coins How Big is a Million $    
Correspondence -
Match picture to number
Numberline  Math Function Box    


 Animals Unit

Dressing for the Season Water - Liquid or Solid Ordering Seasons What Should I Wear Today? Parts of a Tree  
Thermometer  Living/Nonliving   Pet Venn Diagram If the Dinosaurs Came Back Animal Groups
Flower Power Frog Life Cycle Grasslands How Does Our Garden Grow? Know Your Seasons
Life Cycles - Part I Life Cycles - Part II Life Cycles - Part III Life Cycles and Butterflies Life Cycles: Butterfly
Magnets Plant Parts Trees Water Cycle in a Bag What is Real about
Plants and Animals?
Food Fuels Water - Evaporation Weather Naming Body Parts Human Life Cycle
Plant Needs May the Forces of Push and Pull Be with You! Labeling a Green Plant Insects And Spiders Dead or Alive
Animals Eating Life Cycles of
Plants and Animals
Animal Needs Where Are the Animals? What's the Weather?
Learning about
Simple Machines
Experiment Conditions Properties of Solids Matching    


Making a Difference Continents with a song Graphic Organizers Community Helpers  KWL Template 
Continents  Communities Continents and Map Features Geography Geography
Hemispheres Making a Difference Which Region? Chronological Order Part 1 Chronological Order Part 2
Harvest Festival Pueblo Story Teller Timeline Toys Now and Then Our Local Area
Family Tree Our Third Grade
Adventure in Antarctica
My School People and Places in Your Community Elementary/Social Studies/Holidays/Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Teeth Detectives Food Pyramid  Fitness Healthy Lifestyles Movement Concepts
This is the Way
We Wash Our Hands
Getting to Know You      


Learning Colors Warm and Cool Colors      


Kindergarten song: "The Wheels on the Bus" with verse options and stoplight activity Kindergarten song: 10 Little Monkeys / Hap Palmer B-I-N-G-O song activity with quarter rests appearing each verse    


Winter Wonders Where We Live Swing into Spring