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The Flag of the United States of America

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American History Rock Big Apple History -
New York City
George Washington's World for Kids Scribble Maps Community Workers Mexico for Kids Bio Cube Music in
 American History
Best of History Web Sites Thomas Jefferson - bio
Awesome Stories

GeoGame - globe

U.S. Landmark Booklet Your World, My World Timeline Makers Music in History
Civil War for 5th Graders Sacajawea bio
Awesome Stories
Pilgrims to America Maps of Regions of the
United States
Information on Flags Primary History - BBC Grow a Family Tree Kids Karaoke Korner
Ben Franklin Lincoln and
the Gettysburg Address
Attack on Pearl Harbor Unites States Regions Map Kids in the House Ancient Civilizations Free Posters Social Studies Songs
Westward Expansion Boston Tea Party Interactives - Historical and Cultural Contexts Geography All the Way South Dakota
Sites for Kids
  Printing Press  
Abraham Lincoln Digitized Activities Assassination of
John F. Kennedy
Now and Then Geography Songs State Reports      
Native American Rhymes Awesome Stories - History   Geography Links US Symbols      
How the Settlers Survived US Territory Expansion   National Atlas Learning About Our Constitution      
Early America Colonial Times   Geography for Kids Story of the
Star Spangled Banner
Jamestown Online Adventure United States History   Jamestown Online Adventure Presidential Interactive Timelines      
Native American Sites Rosa Parks - bio
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Holiday - Halloween
Fall Harvest
Class Brain Collaborative Timeline Assessment
Help and Practice
National Archives Digital Vaults Project Our America Timeline Awesome Stories - biographies    




History Videos

WatchKnow - videos Abraham Lincoln video US Regions - video The Thirteen Colonies - video FrontLine Videos - good!
Christopher Columbus

Ferdinand Magellan

Jamestown Settlement No More Kings
School House Rock
Preamble - School House Rock Creating the Constitution
The Shot Heard
Around the World
Constitution American History –
We Get Knocked Down
American Presidents
Washington to Lincoln
Ben Franklin
Underground Railroad The Civil War American Civil War Transcontinental Railroad School Rock
Westward Expansion
U.S. History in 60 Seconds Ann Franklin's Map Locations Native American Homes Great Melting Pot America the Beautiful
States and Capitals 50 States Three Ring Government I’m a Bill July 4 Fireworks
9-11 Memorial Wants or Needs Lewis and Clark Early America George Washington
Video Updates Social Studies -
5th Grade Videos
National Geographic Videos National Archives Videos Social Studies Movies
Underground Railroad Videos        

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Scavenger Hunts and WebQuests Border Paper for
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American History
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Civil War

Civil War

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Social Studies Skills

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Social Studies Skills

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Social Studies Skills

K-8 Social Studies Resources

South Dakota Social Studies Standards
SmartBoard Activities

1. United States History

Dictionary of the U.S.
History Timeline Game 

History of the United States
Underground Railroad Videos

Movies - Early America

Totem Pole Maker

Chinese New Year's Cinco De Mayo    

A Biography of America

Abraham Lincoln

American Memory Timeline

America's Historical Documents

American Revolution

Ann Frank the Writer

American Revolution Sites

American Revolution PowerPoints

American Rhetoric

American Heritage Library

America's Story

A Day in the Life of Colonial Williamsburg

American Revolution Timeline Game

American Revolutionary Scavenger Hunt

American Revolution Sites

Abraham Lincoln Games and Activities

Ben Franklin Video

Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Betsy Ross Homepage

Black History

Ben Franklin

Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party


Civil War Battles Video

Colonies - 13 Colonies

Civil War Music and Poetry

Colonies - Map of 13 Colonies

Christopher Columbus

Colonial Times

Camp Life: Civil War

Colonies - Interactive History

Civil War for Kids

Colonies - The Original 13 States Map

Civil War Sites

Colonies - American Colonies Facts

Civil War 1861-1865

Colonial Coins

Civil War for Kids

Colonial Williamsburg Food Recipes

Civil War Homepage

Colonies - Life in Colonial American

Civil War - Women

Colonial Kids

Civil War - Timeline Leading Up to the Civil War

Colonial Times - Children

Civil War Photographs

Colonies - Colonial Clipart

Clara Barton Coloring Book

Colonial Williamsburg Trades

Culture - A Kid's Life

Colonial America - School and Education

Christopher Columbus

Colonial Family - Meet the Daggetts

Christopher Columbus' Journey

Colonial - Jigsaw Puzzles

Civil War Terms and People

Colonial Times - Activities: Writing with a Quill Pen

Civil War Map

Colonial - Activities: Name the Founding Father

Christopher Columbus


Christopher Columbus Video


Declaring Independence Video

Digital History


Early American - Historical Fiction
Early American Tools Videos Explorers

Famous Explorers

Famous Moments in Early American History

First Thanksgiving

Famous Leaders for Young People

Famous People in History

Florence Nightingale

Four Directions Teachings - Native American

Farmers, Farmers Everywhere!

French and Indian War

French and Indian War Timeline

Growth of a Nation

George Washington Video

Papers of George Washington George Washington Games and Activities

Harvest of History

History Sites

Harriet Tubman

John F. Kenney Photo History

Johnny Appleseed

History of Transportation

Learn About Native Americans

Lewis and Clark

Liberty - The American Revolution

Liberty: The Road to Revolution

Lewis and Clark

Lewis & Clark

Lincoln: Rare Books and Special Collections




Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline by Kids

Molly Pitcher

MayFlower History

Mount Rushmore Jigsaw Puzzle

**Mandan Indians - On-A-Slant Virtual Village
Midnight Rider - Paul Revere  

Native American Chart

Native American Map

Native Americans - Famous

Native American - Eastern Woodland Crafts

Native American Test

Native American - Southwest Crafts

Native American Museum

Native American - Plains Crafts

Native Americans - Activities and Games

Native American -Inuit (Eskimo) Crafts

Native American - Trail of Tears

Native American - Northwest Crafts

Native American Legends

Native American Resources

Native American Sites

Native Americans - Primary

Native American Shelters

Native American - A Mohawk Iroquois Village

Map of Tribes

Native American Facts for Kids

Native American - "Song of Hiawatha"

Native American - "The Three Sisters"

Native American - Folklore

Native American - Circle of Stories

Native Americans First People

Native American Plays, Skits, and Dramas

Native American Poems

Native American Stories

Native American Names

Native American Coloring Pages

Oregon Trail

“On an Underground Railroad”

Our America - Colonial Period

Pathway to Freedom - Underground Railroad Pearl Harbor Experience Video
Paul Revere Video Pearl Harbor
Popular Songs in American History Pocahontas
**Paul Revere's Virtual Museum  
Revolutionary War - Taxes and Acts  

Revolutionary Sites

Revolutionary War

Road to Revolution

Rosa Parks

Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt

South Dakota Pathways

Symbols of US Government

Shot Heard Around the World

Slavery Sites
More Slavery Sites

Sequoyah - Trail of Tears

Tecumseh's Curse and the United States Presidents  

Thomas Jefferson

Transportation in American Before 1876

Time Machine

Titanic Journey

Transportation History


Time Machine

Thanksgiving and Pilgrims site

U.S. History Sites

Transportation in American Before 1876

United States Documents

U.S. History Sites

War of 1812

Western Expansion PowerPoints
United States History Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad - Addy's Escape to Freedom Underground Railroad - National Geographic
Underground Railroad - Levi Coffin House Westward Expansion
US Symbols Sites  

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2. World History

All About Egypt Sites

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Wonders of the World Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt Berlin Wall
Build a Medieval Castle Ancient Greece
Children of World War II Christopher Columbus
Explorers PowerPoints Eternal Egypt
Explorers Excellent Explorers WebQuest
Egypt Games Egypt Secret of an Ancient World
Exploring Ancient Tombs Game


Four Directions Teaching - Native Americans How Big is the Great Pyramid?
Explorers European Explorers
Egyptian Mummies  


Mummy Maker

Old Magazine Articles


 Royal Family

Senet Board Game from Ancient Egypt

The Romans

Voices of World War II

Virtual Egypt



Walk Through Time

World Explorers

You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!

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3. Geography

5 Themes of Geography

South Dakota

Africa Africa for Kids
Antarctica Asia
Animated Atlas


All About the United States Africa


China – Virtual Tour

Compass Rose Printout


Continents - Interactive

Digital Atlas
Earth Album Europe

Following Directions

50 States

50 State Songs - lyrics and midis

Geography Great State Race
Geography Activities Geography4Kids

Geographic Glossary

GeoQuiz Greatest Places

Go George Go Map Game

Geography PowerPoints

Google Maps

Interactive Geography Activities
Geography Games Geography and Map Skills -
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game
Geography All the Way  
Latitude and Longitude Map Reading
Map Concepts - Basic Maps - Street Map
Map sites Map Skills
Mega Maps Printouts Maps
Map Puzzles

Nifty Fifty States

North America Map Quiz - Where Is That?
Panama Canal Webcam Maps - Following Directions
Maps - Reading a Map Map Quizzes - USA
Maps and Map Skills - Continents Mapping Our World
Map Test  
Oceans Outline Maps

South Dakota Map and Quiz

State Brochure Template

State Information Research Sheet

Test Your Geography Knowledge

South America


U.S. Map Game United States
U.S. Geography United States Geography

US Geography Games

World Geography

World Geography Activities Where Is That?
What Maps Show Us?  


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4. Civics/Government

Bill of Rights Bills of Rights

Ben’s Guide to US Government

Congress for Kids
Be President for a Day City Creator
Community Club Community Helpers
Community Workers Community Helpers Theme
Congress for Kids Community - People and Occupations
Democracy Project Election Sites
How Does Government Effect Me? How Does a Bill Become Law?

Inside the Voting Booth

House of Representatives for Kids

Kids Next Door

My School
Newspaper Links Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Presidents Presidents of the United States (POTUS)
President's Hangman Game President Game
People and Occupations Dictionary Presidents Sites
Symbols of the United States K-2 Symbols of US Government 3-5
Tour of the White House Story of Milk
Symbols of U.S. Government  
US Symbols U.S. Government PowerPoints
U.S. Government White House
Who is That ?- US Presidents White House Panoramic Tour

What's My Job?

You're a Grand Old Flag
Your Neighborhood U.S. Symbols - Enchanted

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5. Economics

Economics and Geography Lessons
for 32 Children's Books

U.S.Mint Site for Kids

Economic Songs

Literature Connection

Economic Skill Activities for Elementary Students

Economic Games

Don't Buy It!

Kids' Bank



Producer Match

We Can Earn Money

The ABCs of Saving

Goods or Services?

We Depend on Each Other

Goods and Services Quiz

Basic Economics: Services and Goods

Goods - The Story of Milk

Match People to Their Service

Goods and Services/Producers and Consumers

Goods and Services Worksheet
Goods and Services Worksheet p. 2

Delivering the Goods


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