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Kid Info

BBC Learning Zone Videos


Online Stories

Matching Vowel Sounds Rhyming Words Blends  Words, Words, Words
Parts of a Book Title of Books >
Parts of a Book
Index of Books Setting Match
Using Suffixes Practice Suffixes Using Prefixes Suffix Matching Game
Jan Brett Videos Spelling SmartBoard Elements of a Story Abbreviations
Using Compound Words Using Compound Words  Compound Word Game Contractions
Contraction Match Walls of Words Compound Word Match Contraction Practice
Online Stories Antonyms Woodlands Literacy Sites Fridge Letters
Magnetic Board
Homophones Synonym Match Short Vowels Multiple Meanings
What is a biography? Fact and Opinion Worksheet Male and Female Vocabulary Homonyms
Build a Sentence Irregular Plural Nouns Common/Proper Noun Plural Nouns
Plural Play Fact or Opinion
Alphabetizing 1
Its, It's

There, Their

Words and Pictures Getting Things in Order Silly Sentence Maker Online Literacy Activities
How Many Words Can You Make from the Main Word? Story Scramble Abbreviations Jigword
Contractions Jigword
Word Building


Grammar/Punctuation Adventures with Adverbs Comparative Adjective How Are Books Made?
Folk Tales Placement Words Syllables  in a Word Word Activities
Aesop Fables Online Stories Smart Ideas Little Critter Videos
Class Timer

Math Glossary

Maths Teacher's Toolkit
Counting by Fives
Counting by 5s
Counting Money Johnnie's Math Videos Class Clock
Odd or Even Giving Change 2-D Shapes Time Quiz
Place Value Review Money Making Patterns
Johnnie's Math Page Value of Coins Drag and Drop Math
+ - x /
Stop the Clock
Draggable Math Money
Money 2
Hidden Picture Math Game
+ -
Addition Surprise
Buzzing with Shapes
Sort the Shapes
Money Matching Math
+ - x /
Hidden Picture - Addition
Higher and Lower Matching Money Pop-up Math
+ - x /
Sum Sense
Test the Toad Math Games Math Madness
+ - x /
Three Column Addition
Make a Really Big Number Spelling Number Words 1-30 Subtraction Math Music
Thanksgiving Day Math Fun Symmetry Place Value How Multiplying Works
Picture Doku Everyday Math - 3rd Smart Ideas Math Math Zone


Daily Weather and Date Chart

Exploring Animals


School Science Clips

Animals and their Babies


Plant Labels

Sorting Materials

The Water Cycle

Animal Homes

Plants and Animals

Life Cycles of Plants and Animals

Rocks and Soils

What Causes Day and Night?

Body Parts

Solar System

Living and NonLiving

Earth, Sun, and Moon Habitats Helping Plants Grow Well Label the Insect
Label the Dinosaur Paint the Words Word Search Fill in the Gap -Right Word
Order the Sentences Read and Choose Science Songs Smart Ideas Science
Science Zone Gamequarium    


Goods and Services Biography Clothesline Field Trips -Community Ben's Guide to Government
Christopher Columbus Voyage on the MayFlower First Thanksgiving Place the States
Pueblo Story Teller Interactive Map Park Map Skills Ben Franklin
United States - State Emblems

Following Directions

Reading a Map Street Map
Geography Glossary Making Chocolate How People Make . . . Story of How We Get Milk
Consumer/Producer Assessment Activity Quizzes Ancient Egypt  


Singing Pattern
Memory Game
Sing Along Songs Kids Music Patriotic Songs Music SmartBoard

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