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Awesome Technology
Did You Know?  V
Did You Know VI
Digital Divide

"Today's Digital Learners"

A Vision of Students Today
MultiUsers on Large Screen YouTube

Children's YouTube
Decade in 7 Minutes The Greatest Teacher Ordering Pizza
in the Future
"$100 Laptop Program - Peru" Medieval Help Desk


SmartBoard Portaportal
Create a Portaportal to save your SmartBoard Sites
create a section for each of the subjects you teach
i.e., math, science, social studies, reading, writing, spelling, health, etc


Sprinkle Portaportal Frazier Portaportal Callett Portaportal WPSVA Portaportal Stultz Portaportal
Middle School Portaportal Science Portaportal Cain Portaportal Portaportal Links MN Portaportal Links
Math Portaportal Hubbard Portaportal McCauley's Portaportal Gloucester Website Sprinkle's Portaportal


Around the World with Smart -video - Harkins Middle School

WIKI - embedded videos SmartBoard Products Dual-Touch SmartTable SmartTable Smart Table video "Siftables"



Smart Technologies - click on Education

EdCompass iTunes Podcasts Interactive Administrator Teachers Love SmartBoards
K-12 Case Studies SmarterBoards  Blog "The New Digital Wave" Scholastic
Smart Administrator


Digital Directions T.H.E.Journal EdCompass From Now On Education World Activate


Version 10.6

SmartBoard Math Tools



SmartBoard Hands-on Activities
Notebook 10 Video
SmartBoard Notebook 10 Guide


Smart Presentation 2010 Slides - open

1. You can write with either the pen or your finger as long as you pick up a pen and the slot is empty.
2. When you create a document in Word or Excel or PowerPoint you can send it to SmartBoard by clicking on Print and then click on
Smart Notebook Print Capture (video).
3. When you want to capture a web page picture or screen, use the print capture button to select what you want on the Web page and it will save it onto a SmartBoard slide.

ASSIGNMENT: Capture 3 pictures or web pages from the Internet and copy them to a SmartBoard slide.

Welcome Center
Quick Start, Tools, Teachers' Hub, Help
SmartBoard Tools v.10
Notebook 10
Video Tutorials
**SmartBoard Toolbar Menus
see diagram below
Quick Reference Guides
Smart Tip Archive
Table Tool -
  - add cell shades (right click)
Themes - Magic Pen -

View demo

Shape Pen  -

 View demo

Setting Default Fonts

Screen Capture Tool Video
Using Screen
Capture Tool

*Smartboard Recorder

 *Page Recorder
Object Animation-View demo Infinite Clone Customize Toolbar
Stylus colors in the
stylus menu
View video
Customizing Pen Tray
Stylus Colors
View video
Handwriting Recognition Page Groups Pin a Page
View>Zoom> Pin Page



-video podcasts

SmartBoard Resources for My Content


Essentials for Educators
Choose from over 6,600 learning objects to enhance your lessons, including images, backgrounds, dynamic Flash files, video and audio content.
Take advantage of music-notation sheets, a compass, a protractor, clocks, maps, sports fields, solar systems and a variety of shapes.
You also have access to an extensive collection of classic artwork from the Bridgeman Art Library.

My Content

Store Notebook pages, photos, pictures and animated .gif files from other applications, and insert them directly into a Notebook file.
This function enables you to add objects to your own Gallery.

                                Assignment: Create Folders in My Content - Tools, Pictures, Multimedia, Math, Science, etc.
My SmartBoard Essentials Show List of Essentials for Educators


Lesson Activity Toolkit
Discover customizable tools and templates to help you create professional and engaging lessons. Find templates for word games, quizzes, sorting tables and Flash tools to add interactive drag-and-drop or hide-and-reveal elements to your lessons.


The Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 Upgrading Activity Toolkit Lesson  Activity Toolkit 2.0 Quick Reference ACTIVITIES Category Sort
Image Match
Image Arrange
Multiple Choice Note Reveal Sentence Arrange Vortex Sort
Key Word Match Pairs Timeline Reveal GAMES Anagram
Word Guess Picture Dice Word Dice Crossword Hotspots
Word Biz Word Guess Activity Toolkit Lesson 1 Activity Toolkit Lesson 2 Activity Toolkit Lesson 3
Activity Toolkit
Lesson 4
iTunes Podcasts Combination Safe Reaveal    

ASSIGNMENT: Create an activity to use in your classroom using the following Activities and Games:
Category Sort, Image Match, Multiple Choice, Note Reveal, Sentence Arrange,
Vortex Sort, Anagram, Picture Dice, Word Dice, Word Guess



SmartBoard Speller Software Speller Software
Quick Reference Guide
Number Cruncher Software Number Cruncher Quick Reference Math Tools



Morning Calendars K-3 Interactive Monthly Calendar



Create a

WebSlide Show of Sites



Fridge Magnets Mend the Square ABC Interactive Sketch Book Drag and Drop Math
Spin and Spell Stop the Clock Sum Sense
Sum Sense
Speed Grid
Speed Grid
Addition 2
Speed Grid
Addition 3
Speed Grid
Subtraction 1
Speed Drill
Subtraction 2
Speed Drill
Subtraction 3
Powerlines 1 Powerlines 2 Powerlines 3 Sub Sense
Sub Sense
Coordinates 0-10 Coordinates 0-5 Degrees They're, Their, There Identify Major U.S. Rivers
A Math Dictionary for Kids Storyline Planets Punctuation Campground PBS Whiteboard Games
iBoard MathWords Learn Your Tables Why Use Karaoke in Your Classroom? Worksheet activities you could use with the SmartBoard




SmartExchange - SmartBoard Resources

Forty-Six Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard

Smart Notebook Express

SmartBoard Search Engine


SmartBoard Lessons K-3 Lessons
K-3 SmartBoard Links
4-6 SmartBoard Lessons 7-12 SmartBoard Lessons SmartBoard Collection Longwood Smart Lessons
K-2 Templates 3-5Templates Middle School Templates High School Templates 3rd Party Resources SmartBoard
Lesson Index
Kent WhiteBoard Resources TeqSmart
Lesson Links
Scholastic Lessons Rockingham SmartBoard Lessons
All My Favs

All My Kids Favs
Today's Front Pages


Online Small Town Newspapers
Pete's PowerPoint Station
Kid Info PowerPoints

Reading Planet



Elementary Smartboard Lessons
Longwood Science Sites
Educational Origami Wiki - lots of sites Interactive Whiteboard Links Music Education
Music Interactive Sites
Covenantworks Music
Virtual Piano Keyboard
Music Interactive Sites
Creating Digital Music
Interactive Whiteboards in
Music Education

Free Kids' Music
Sound Junction
Music Sites
Music Teachers' Blog
Music Tools
Jam Studio
Sing Along Songs
Jukebox Alive
Lost in the 50s
Primary WhiteBoard Resources


Interactive WhiteBoards
The WhiteBoard Blog 2010 Internet Sites
6-12 Interactive Science Sites for Interactive WhiteBoards
Online Smart Technologies SmartBoard and Interactive Whiteboard Sites GetSmart Interactive Activities Smart Ideas My Webspiration
Kindergarten Activities SmartBoard Lounge Smart Links **Interactive WhiteBoard Lessons Elementary SMART Lessons
K-3 SmartBoard Lesson Links

K-3 SmartBoard Sites
Training Videos SmartBoard Galleries
e-Themes SmartBoard Sites

SmartBoard Resources
Teacher's Love SmartBoards Interactive Whiteboard Games SmartBoard Tools Tutorial World Book Kids
World Book Student
World Book Advanced
World Book Discover
Curriculum Correlations
Timeline Creator
SmartBoard Resources
TeqSmart Smartsidebyside WhiteBoard sites ICT Games Free Stuff


Art Education

Integrating SmartBoard Pre-KResources Social Skills
***Beethoven -bio
Awesome Story
Invictus/Mandella Helen Keller-bio
Awesome Stories
Sacajawea bio
Awesome Stories
Awesome Stories - History Rosa Parks - bio
Awesome Stories
Attack on Pearl Harbor Boston Tea Party
Last Day of World War I - Armistice Assassination of
John F. Kennedy
Story of the
Star Spangled Banner
Pilgrims to America



K-5 Technology Integration
6-8 Technology Integration

Marzano Research

Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade
4th Grade 5th Grade Bedfordshire Links Quizlet
Flash Card Flash
Peterson Reading/Language Arts Peterson Math Peterson Science Peterson Social Studies
Kindergarten Math
Kindergarten Games
Kindergarten Language Arts Kindergarten Science Kindergarten Social Studies
Mrs. Mobley's
 Kindergarten Sites
K-2 Templates 3-5 Templates Mr. Nussbaum
Crickweb Resources Internet4Classrooms

Jeopardy Template Spin the Question
Novel Games Big Eye in the Sky Panoramas

The Big Picture
eGlossary 6-12 Harvey's Home Page



More Content Sites

Bristol Online Activities Bitesize Childtopia Kindersite BBC Learning Teachers
e-learning for Kids Flashcard Exchange Flashcard DB Woodlands Junior School Highlights Kids
Sheppard's Software Primary Interactive Interactive Sites Interactive Internet Resources Internet4Classrooms
Grade 1 Central 1st Grade Resources 2nd Grade Resources 3rd Grade Resources

Jeopardy Labs

BBC Ages 4-11

BC Bitesize The Learning Box Ms Steen's Tech Class Speakaboos
BrainPop free movies Mrs. P's Library      


Learning Science

Creative Chemistry

Immune Attack

Science Animations

Biology Browser


Chemistry Simulations

Human Body


Science Flash Sites

Teacher Tap - Science

Science Closeup Whale Animal Creature Feature Periodic Table Videos Engineering Interact
Pollen Park Biology Animations Science Tools Smart Science Lessons Science Labs Grades 2-5


Social Studies
Activity Ideas
Newspaper Clipping Generator Online Small Town Newspapers Today's Front Pages Elections The American Way
Embassies Ben's Guide to Government US History Social Studies
Flash Sites
Social Studies Sources
Sheppard Geography Games Country Reports That Quiz - Geography Learn About Congress ZipCode/US Census
Stories Behind Famous American Events National Geographic Kids GeoGame - globe Little Kids National Geographic Primary History - BBC
Mapping Our World Peep and
 the Big Wide World
Time Tube iCivics
Jamestown Online Adventure History Globe      


English Language Arts

Roy the Zebra Starfall Literactive - Reading
Literactive - Activities
Interactive Literacy Sites Words and Pictures
Tweenie Tales Story Top Site Words Buddy RealeBooks Read Along Nursery Rhymes
Read Write Think Vowels Alphabet Book Spelling City Tutorial
Spelling Central
Spelling City
Spelling City Games
Clifford Stories Aesop Reading Planet Letter Dice Aunt Friendly's
Picture Book

Mark Twain's Mississippi

Digital Stories

Web English Teacher

Sentence Diagramming


Romeo and Juliet

The Renaissance

Of Mice and Men

Julius Ceasar

Julie of the Wolves

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Language Arts
Flash Sites

Bartleby Great Books Online

Teacher Tap - English and Language Arts


English Vocabulary Quizzes

Free Rice Vocabulary Activity

Vocabulary Sites

Vocabulary Exercises


English Zone

Bartleby -
Great Books Online

Google Lit Trips Electronic Books and Online Reading Story Starters


****Great Math Sites

Math Video Sites

Amazing Math Toolbox

Math Slice

Using Technology
in Math

Wikis in
High School Math


Math Flash Sites

Cool Math Sites

Math Expressions

That Quiz

Interactivate Math Interactive Sites
Computation Multiplication Games Factors
Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram
Magnetic Numbers Problem Solving Number Sense Number and Number Sense
Math -Addition/Subtraction Alphabet Geometry Math Dictionary Place Value
Symmetry in Nature Interactive Math Sites Favorite Math Sites Math Interactive Sites
Geometry IXL Math Interactive Websites for
Math and Science
Times Attack Illuminations K-2
Illuminations 3-5
Johnnie's Math Page Math Playground
Arithmetic Game A Maths Dictionary Algebra 2 - SmartBoard Activities Great Math Online Activities
Make 24 Fuel the Brain    


Music Education
Interactive Whiteboards in
Music Education
Music Interactive Sites Music Interactive Sites MusicEdMagic Covenantworks Music
Music Tools Music Teachers' Blog Music Sites Sound Junction Free Kids' Music Creating Digital Music
Lost in the 50s Jukebox Alive Jukebox Sing Along Songs Jam Studio
Virtual Piano Keyboard


French Sites

French Web Sites

Learn Spanish Online

Spanish WebSites

German Sites

Digital Dialects


PE Sites

Peterson PE Sites

Teacher Tap - PE

Health and PE Flash Sites


Middle School Sites

Middle School Templates Middle School SMART Lessons 5th-6th Grade
Smartboard Lessons
7th-8th Grade
Smartboard Lessons
7-9 Smart Resources
Illuminations 6-8 Basic Skills 6th Grade Math Multiplication Games Covenantworks Math
Covenantworks Science
Covenantworks Social Studies

High School Sites

High School Templates High School SMART Lessons High School
Smartboard Lessons
10-12 Smart Resources 6-12 Interactive
Whiteboard Resources
Illuminations 9-12 *Smart Tech Secondary Resources
Secondary Lesson Activities
7-12 Resources
9-12 Resources
Hippo Campus Topmarks
HotChalk Lesson Plans Interactive Web Sites
Visuwords -Online Graphical Dictionary

Teacher Tap -Technical Classes



**Mini Movies

CBS Live

Beeline Online TV

YouTube SmartBoard Channel

30+ Alternatives to YouTube

YouTube Converters

Convert Tube Convert YouTube KeepVid Vixy Zamzar Kick YouTube Video Code Zone

**Learn 360- SF**

Educational Video Sites

30+ Alternatives to YouTube


You Tube
YouTube/Smart Channel
YouTube Video Tutorial
Choosing how to embed video
*Teacher Tube Math-A-Tube **WatchKnow - videos *More Video Sites
*Internet TV Stations
*Old Time Movies online
Teachers' Domain
*School Tube VideoJug Streaming Media
100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers Futures Channel Google Videos  Googol Online Videos Hulu
Walt Disney Movies
In Plain English Videos Kideo Player! preK-2
YouTube Videos
Kid Info
Online Videos for Learning
Kids Know It


Math Videos

Mathtrain TV
Old Time Movies *TeacherTube
Teacher Tube:
Sing the States
Online Art Lessons Online Videos

BBC Science Clips
Simple Science Videos Sling History Studio 4 Fitness Studio 4 Kids
Studio 4 Learning LearnOutLoud edublogs WatchKnow
Video Conferences Annenberg Workshops NeoK12 Algebasics Math Videos Online
Priory Woods Videos WGBH Sandbox - videos SchoolWAX TV BBC Science Clips Simple Science Videos
*Social Studies Videos
*Digital History
Library of Congress WebCasts The History Channel Math Videos and Animations 66 Inspiring
YouTube Videos

Children's YouTube
"The Lorax" -Dr. Seuss "I Have a Dream" - video *School House Rock List
*School House Rock - You Tube
SchoolHouse Rock
Three is a Magic Number
SchoolHouse Rock -
Elbow Room
SchoolHouse Rock -
The Great Melting Pot
SchoolHouse Rock
Where the Money Goes
SchoolHouse Rock
Ready, Or Not, Here I come (5s)
The Preamble SchoolHouse Rock
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Shot Heard Around the World WIKISPACES -
sample YouTube videos



School Publishers

Macmillan/McGrawHill Houghton Mifflin/Harcourt Houghton Mifflin Education Place




Texas Education
Tech Conference
South Dakota Technology Conference (TIE) Florida Education
Tech Conference
NECC 2009
NECC 2009 +
Reading Conference Wisconsin Reading Conference Smart Virtual Conference
FETC Virtual Conference


Smart Response System

SmartBoard Senteo Question Lessons
Senteo Manager
Senteo Question Sets - Now called Smart Response



PowerPoint of 2009 sites

Conference 2010 Sites 100 Free Web Tools for Elementary Teachers Google Search Tricks

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