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NASA Home and City


I Want to Learn . . .


Brain Genie


Gooru Learning Sites -
great for 6-8th grades


Rocket Stem Journal (NASA)



Web 2.0 Science Tools

Educreations Science Videos


Wonders of Weather: SNOW



24/7 Science Activities - good!



Learn About Videos Rocks Formation Science Videos

Educreations -Science - videos

Grade 5 Science Sites
Science K-12 Videos Full-length PBS Science Videos Video Sources SqoolTube Videos NeoK12 Videos
Science Movies Kids Know It Videos National Geographic Videos Nova LORAX VIDEO
Science House Experiment Videos Video Updates Teacher Domain Videos - Science Watch Know Videos -Excellent BrainPOP Jr. Science Videos
School Science Clips Illustrated
Science Dictionary
Interactive Science Simulations Science Songs Glossary
Science Animations 3D Simulations ARKive - photos/videos Science Clipart PBS Kids Videos
PBS Nature

Interactive Quizzes

Assessment Test Practice

Quizlet That Quiz Assessment Practice Assessment
Help and Practice
******Interactive Science Games eHow To Do It Engaging Science Activities Magic Schoolbus EdHeads
Primary Games

Science Games
Paper Bag Puppets DooDads Jefferson Lab
Jefferson Lab Games
Science PowerPoints
Jeopardy Games Web 2.0 Science Tools EckoWorld Scholastic Online Activities Crickweb
Free Stuff for
Science Teachers
Spigot Science Magazine for Kids and Classrooms SoftSchools -
great resources K-8
Science Resources *****Learning Science
K-8 Science Unit Sites I Love That
Teaching Idea
Project-based Learning Checklists Great Web Sites *Scientific Methods Worksheet
*Scientific Method
Elementary Science Links Just for Kids Yahoo
Science Sites for Kids
Many Science Links Science With Me
Freezeray Science Elementary Science Sites Evidence and Investigation NOVA HOT SCIENCE PBS EekoWorld
Exploratorium Inventors and Inventions Alexander Graham Bell for Kids Great Web Sites for Kids Teachers
Inkless Science Getting Students Connected K-8 LearnEnglishKids E-Learning For Kids BabbaBrain
Science Resources Science Explorer Science-Teachers
Science Page
Science With Me!
Science Sites
Science Ideas
Science Units
Interactive Science Resources
Science Grades 3-6 Middle School Science Activities Science Fairs Good Science Resources Science Mini-Lessons
McMillan/McGraw-Hill Science and Inventors Extreme Science 103 Things to Do Before, During, and After Reading Free Teaching and Learning Resources
***Woodlands Web Science Essentials States of Matter - 1st Grade Online Dinosaur Dig


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Human Body Systems
*****WatchKnow - videos
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
*Pest World for Kids
*Bug Match Game
*Label the Insect
*Alphabetical Insects
Spiders Lessons
Wild Safari
Crossword Puzzle
Life Science Songs *Animal Songs
*Animal Sites
Animal Life Cycles

*Online Animal Alphabet Book
Autumn Leaves Food Webs

Encyclopedia Of Life
The Visual Dictionary - Animals
*A Year in the Life
of a Tree
Trees and Forests
Life Science Songs Newsbreaks Videos Wild Earth TV Amazon Interactive
Science Living Things Mammals
Birds Alphabet Nature Book *Marine Life
Beneath the Sea"
*Biomes + videos *Dinosaur Lessons
Penguins Around
the World
*From Seed to Flower
Farm Animals WebQuest
Life Cycles

Plant Life Cycles
Animal Farm Movie Color-Changing Cells - Art *Producers Consumers
Decomposers Game

*Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

Save Our Species
Plant Ideas Biology Resources Middle School - Animals    

Kindergarten Life Science Sites

3rd Grade Life Science Sites

1st Grade Life Science Sites

4th Grade Life Science Sites

2nd Grade Life Science Sites

5th Grade Life Science Sites


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*Weather Links - good!
*WebWeather for Kids
*Weather Lessons
*Weather Watch

*Weather Maps
*What's the Weather?
*The Water Cycle

*Water Cycle
*Water Cycle
*Drippy The Raindrop
*Water Sheds and
the Water Cycle

*Watershed Game
*Groundwater Story
*Earth Day
*Waste and Our World
*Save the Planet
*Environment Songs
*Teacher's Guide to Recycling
*Middle School - Environment
Earth Album

Earth Science

*La Nina  & El Nino
Hurricanes Floods Tornadoes
Winds and Weather *Snow and Avalanches
*Build a Snowman
*Winter Storms
*Biomes of the World
* Earth Biomes Videos
Tidal Waves Build a Prairie
Drinking Water *NASA 50th Anniversar
*NASA e-Clips
*Hubbel Gets Glasses
*Space Shuttle
*Sea Gallery
*The Sea
*Oceans Lessons
Find Earth Materials Build
Planet Earth
*Rock Hounds
*How Rocks are Formed
*Rocks and Minerals
*Rockology 101
*Rocks and Minerals
*Rocks and Soils
*Rock Activities
*Sky Science
*The Sky
*Sky Gallery
Top Ten Space Pictures
for 2009

*Solar System
Kid Sites

*Space Sites
*Space Resources
Exploring Earth
Middle School - Space Exploration
Breathing Earth Windows to the Universe Activities Amazing Earth Facts Jeopardy Game World Wide Telescope Wetlands Ecosystems
Design a Satellite Sun and Stars Lessons *Calendar/Time/Seasons/Weather Songs
*Causes of the Earth's Seasons
Kids' Planet *Plate Tectonics
Mission Geography - NASA National Geographic Kids Teaching Earth Science Earth/Space Science
Teaching Resources
Seasonal Circles - Art
Rainforest Volcanoes 2nd Grade Solar System Middle School - Weather Middle School - Geology

Kindergarten Earth Science Sites

3rd Grade Earth Science Sites

1st Grade Earth Science Sites

4th Grade Earth Science Sites

2nd Grade Earth Science Sites

5th Grade Earth Science Sites

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Physical Science Sites
Physical Science Songs Simple Machines Air and Aerodynamics Flight

How Products Are Made
*How Everyday Things
Are Made

*How Stuff Works Videos
Electricity and Magnets Simple Machines Lessons Wheels and Levers Airplanes
AIRPLANES - HOW A SOUTHWEST PLANE IS MADE Physical Science Songs "Properties of Matter" Physical Processes Matter Lessons
Classroom Chemistry *Building a Bridge
Mechanisms Using Electricity Electricity and Magnetism Sound Lessons
Mixtures and Solutions
Materials The Periodic Table of Videos Electricity and Magnetism Matter PowerPoint
Periodic Table of Elements Matter Machines Electricity Physics Resources
Physical Science Lessons Physical Science Activities Middle School - Chemistry and Physics    

Kindergarten Physical Science Sites

3rd Grade Physical Science Sites

1st Grade Physical Science Sites

4th Grade Physical Science Sites

2nd Grade Physical Science Sites

5th Grade Physical Science Sites


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Health Sites



*Human Body/Health Songs

*Sensory Awareness

*Teaching the Human Body Health Body Knowledge Health Food and Nutrition

Good Health Lessons

Dental Health

Health self awareness

Health relating to others

Dental Defenders

The Five Senses Lessons

The Human Body Lessons

Hearing and Sound

Mouth Power Learn to Be Healthy
My Family's Health Portrait Middle School - Human Anatomy and Health

Teens Health

Kids' Health  

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Cornstarch Science Floating Water Giant Smoke Rings Sharpie Pen Science Mentos Diet Coke Geyser
Color Changing Milk GAK - Elmer's Glue
Borax Recipe
Awesome Dry Ice Experiments Cloud in a Bottle Moon Blob: A Self-Siphoning Gel
Kids Chemistry Experiements All About Air Experiments Electricity Experiments Light and Sound Experiments Energy
Color Experiments Food Science Experiments Plants and Animals Experiments States of Matter Experiments Density Experiments
Forces and Motions Experiments Rocks and Mineral Experiments Weather Experiements Easy Kids Science Experiments *Biome in a Baggie
Making Ooze Experiments Jefferson Science Lab Activities    


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 South Dakota Science Standards

Nature of Science Physical Science Life Science Earth/Space Science
Environment, Technology, Society Units WebQuests Other Sites


1. Nature of Science

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Inventor and Inventions
Experiments and Activities
Science Dictionary
Women in Science
Scientific Method Jeopardy
Invention at Play
Hall of Fame Inventors


Inventors of the Week

Process Skills Song

Benjamin Franklin

Edible/Inedible Experiments

Benjamin Franklin Biography

Benjamin Franklin Timeline

Inventions At Play

Exploratorium Snacks

Benjamin Franklin - PBS

Scientific Method - BrainPop Jr. Movie

Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon

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2. Physical Science

Physical Processes

Amusement Park Physics

Alien Attack - Light

Acids, Alkalis, and Neutralisation

Aviation -Virtual Skies

Build a Bridge

Beginners Guide to Aeronautics

Changing States of Matter

Dish It Out - Simple Machines

Energy Quest

Electricity Web Sites


**Electric Circuits

Energy Story


Forces and Movement

Floating and Sinking


Fun Physics Sites

Goldburger to Go - Simple Machines

How Things Work

Identify the Sources of Light

Identifying Forces

Light: A Learning Unit

Magnus Magnet



Light and Color




Mrs. Thonus's Simple Machines Sites

Ocean Odyssey - Sound


ParkWorld Plot - Forces and Motion

Physics Sites

Physical Processes

"Properties of Matter" - song

Physics Sites

Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases - Animated Cartoons


Pushing and Pulling

Physics - Java Applets

Science Clips - Changes

Science Clips - Change States

Science Clips - Changing Circuits

Science Clips - Changing Sounds

Science Clips - Characteristics of Materials

Science Clips - Circuits and Conductors

Science Clips - Forces in Action

Science Clips - Friction

Science Clips - Forces and Movement

Science Clips - Gases Around Us

Science Clips - Grouping and Changing Materials

Science Clips - Keeping Warm

Science Clips - Light

Science Clips - Lights and Shadows

Science Clips - Light - How We See Things

Science Clips - Magnets and Springs

Science Clips - Pushes and Pulls

Science Clips - Sorting and Using Materials

Science Clips - Solids and Liquids

Science Clips - Sound and Hearing

Science Clips - Using Electricity

Science - Physics

Science Online Energy

Science Online - Force and Motion

Science Online - Matter

Silicon Spies - Electricity

Simple Machines

Simple Machines

Simple Machines Construction Site

Sink or Float

Solids, Liquids, and Gases



States of Matter

Simple Machines

Simple Machines  Learning Site

Simple and Complex Machines

Simple Machines Everyday Samples

Simple Machines - Franklin Institute

Sources of Light

Sink or Float - BrainPop Jr. Movie

Solids, Liquids, or Gases - BrainPop Jr. Movie

Science: Chemistry

Science: Biology

Science Physics

Science, Optics, and You

Science Tests and Resources

Simple Machines - new

Using Electricity

What is Energy?

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3. Life Science

A Look Inside the Human Body

 Adventures of Herman the Worm

Amazing Human Body

Anatomy and Health

Animal Homes

Animals - Reptiles

Animals Sites

Adventures in the Rainforest

Animal Houses - Video

Animal Study

Animal Alphabet Book

Animals of the Artic

Animal Homes

Amazing Animal Senses
Animals of the World Game All About Birds
Animals - Africa Animals - Amphibians
Animals - Insects Animals - Mammals

Biology Sites - Internet4Classrooms

Biology Sites

Body Smart

Biomes of the World

Butterfly Stages

Body Parts

Body Parts

Basic of Tree ID

Bird Songs

Butterfly Life Cycle


Biomes: Mission

Bones Inside Us

Baby Animal Names


Bees and Their Hives

Build Your Own Caterpillar


Cells Alive

Camouflage - BrainPop Jr. Movie


Chick Life Cycle

Circle of Life

Creatures of the World






Dinosaur Printouts

Dinosaur Sites - Enchanted

Desert Habitats

Desert Videos


Endangered Animals

Exploring the Ocean Through Literature

Exploring Plants

Exploring the Rainforest

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees

Ecosystems/Biomes Games

Electronic Zoo


Farm Animals

Food Chains

Flower Coloring Pages

Frog Dissection


Fun With Food Webs

Frog Exploratorium

Food Web

Frog Dissection Demo

Facts and Fun About Insects

Great Plant Escape

Grassland Explorer

Grassland Habitats





Habitats Video Clip

Heart Transplant

Helping Plants Grow Well

Human Body

Habits of the Heart

Heart: An Online Exploration

Human and Animal Habitats

Hibernation - BrainPop Jr. Movie

How the Body Works

Human Body Book for Kids

Human Body - audio book

Hear Here

Honey Bee

Insects - Theme Unit


Internet4Classrooms - Animals

Internet4Classrooms - Plants

Label the Insect

Life Cycle of a Plant

Life Cycle of a Tree

Life Science - How Things Work

Life Cycles - Human and Frog

Life Science Resources for Kids and Teachers

Living Things Activities

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Living Oceans

Leaves - Coloring Pages

Magic School House


My First Garden


Migration - BrainPop Jr. Movie



Our Bodies

Operation: Heart Transplant

Plant Parts Millionaire Game


Plant and Animal Classification

Plant Cells

Plant Explorer

Plant Labels

Plant Life Cycles

Plant Life Cycles

Plant Sites

Plants - Interactive Whiteboard Activity

Plants Need Light and Water to Grow

Plant Reproduction

Plant Life Cycle - BrainPop Jr. Movie

Parts of Our Bodies

Parts of a Plant - BrainPop Jr. Movie


Respiratory System

 Skin I am In

Rainforest WebQuest

Science Clips - Growing Plants

Science Clips - Habitats

Science Clips - Helping Plants Grow Well

Science Clips - Life Cycles

Science Clips - Living Things Adaptation

Science Clips - Micro-organisms

Science Clips - Moving and Growing

Science Clips - Ourselves

Science Clips - Plants and Animals

Science Clips - Plant and Animal Groups

Science Online - Cells

Science Online - Food Production and Energy for Life

Science Online - Living Things

Science Online - Plants and Animals


Story of Milk

Spider Anatomy

Sorting Living Things

Stanley the Skeleton

Steam Engine, That's Me

Symmetry In Nature

Sheep Shearing Video

Trees are Terrific

Trees for Kids

Types of Land

Tree Coloring Pages

Virtual Knee Surgery

Variation in Living Things

Virtual Body

 Virtual Cell Tour

Virtual Hip Surgery


What Tree is That?
Where Do They Live?

Who Lives Here?

Woodland Explorers


Who Lives in the Sea?



Zoom Dinosaurs


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4. Earth/Space Science

Our Galaxy - The Milky Way

**Natural Resources

**Groundwater Story

Conserve Earth's Resources


Astronomy - Our Place in Space

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Arty The Part Time Astronaut

Astronomy Sites

Amazing Space

Astro Adventure - Solar System

Astronomy for Kids

Adventures of the Agronauts

AstroAdventure - NASA


Astronomy Games


Build Your Own Aquifer




Cosmic Picture Gallery

Cool Clouds for Kids


Climate Crossword Puzzle


Dan's Wild Weather

Earth and Moon Viewer

Earth, Landforms, Rocks, Volcanoes & More

Earthquakes for Kids

Earth Science Activities

Earth Science Sites

Elementary Themes - Volcanoes

Eye on the Sky Weather

Extreme Places

Exploring Ecosystems


Environmental Education for Kids

Earth - Our World in Motion

ExploraTour - How to Build a Star

ExploraTour Volcanoes of the Solar System

ExploraTour - Life in the Solar System

ExploraTour -The Surface of the Earth

Explore the Sky



Gravity Launch


Geology for Kids

**Groundwater Story


How Does the Earth Work?

How Lightning Works


Internet4Classrooms - Space

Internet4Classrooms - Space

Internet4Classrooms - Earth

International Space Station

Images and Multimedia of the Universe


Kids Astronomy


Lightning - The Shocking Story


Mars Resource Page

NASA for Kids

NASA Kids' Club

NASA's Grade K-2 Newsbreaks Online Videos

NASA Quest

National Geographic for Kids

NASA Space Place

NOAA Weather Site for Kids

**Natural Resources



Planet 10

Oceans of the World

Peek into the Lives of Stars

Rainbow Maker

Rocks and Minerals



Rocks and Minerals Dictionary

Rock and Mineral Links

Rock Types Game

Rock Song

Science Clips - Earth, Sun and Moon

Science Clips - Rocks and Soil

Science Online - Earth and Universe

Science Online - The Earth's Features

Science Online - The Earth's Resources

Science Online - Weather

Science - Space


 Space Place

Space Science

Space Shuttle Virtual Tour

Space Wanderer - video



Space Station

Sizing Up the Stars


Soil - Brain Pop Jr Movie


Telescopes - Amazing Space

Tectonic Plates, Earthquakes, Volcanoes

Solid, Waster and Recycle

VolcanoWorld Kids' Door

Volcano - Theme Unit

Volcano Description

Virtual Tour Through the Universe

Water - Grades 4-8

Water Cycle

Water Cycle

Water Cycle - Grades K-3

Water Sites


Weather Activities

Weather Dude

Weather Sites

Weather Teddy

Weather Wiz Kids

What is Weather?

Windows to the Universe


Water Cycle

Why Do We Need Water?

Welcome to Sea and Sky



Water Cycle Adventure

Water Cycle Interactive

Water Treatment Process

Water Facts of Life

Water Trivia Facts

Weather Maker

Weather Basics with Songs

What is Weather?

Water Filtration

Weather Wiz Kids


Zoom Astronomy


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5. Science Technology, Environment, and Society

Environmental Kids' Club
EPA Student Center

How Can We Reduce Waste?

How Stuff Works

Ollie's World

Renewable Energy

Welcome to Recycle City

Conservation Songs


Earth 911 Kids - Environment



Rotten Truth

Air Junk

Solid, Waste, and Recyle

Pollution PowerPoint

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All About the Environment

Exploring Planets

All About the Oceans


All About Weather

Human Body




Land Formations

Apple Unit

National Disasters

Butterfly Unit


Color and Light



Science Theme Units

Earth Day

Simple Machines







Explorer By Topic

Water Adventure Activity Book

Tundra Adventure

Human Anatomy





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TechTrekers WebQuests
K-2 WebQuests
Sue LeBeau's WebQuests Sites
3-4-5 WebQuests
320 WebQuests
Scavenger Hunts
Web-Based Projects
CyberGuides K-8

Paper or Plastic Recycle WebQuest

Saving Polluterville - Ocean WebQuest

Stuart Little and Simple Machines WebQuest


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