K-5 Science Standards Sites


Physical Process Site

K-2nd Grade

Materials and their properties - K Balance and Motion Pebbles, sand, silt - properties Solids and Liquids

Science Clips - Characteristics of Materials



Solids and Liquids

Science Clips - Grouping Materials


Rocks and Soil

Solids and Liquids

Science Material Sites


Science Clips - Rocks and Soils

Changing State

Sink or Float -
BrainPop Jr. Movie


Soil - Brain Pop Jr Movie

Changing States of Matter

Sorting and Using Materials


Soil vs Dirt

"Properties of Matter" - song

Watch Cotton Grow



Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases - Animated Cartoons

How is Paper Made?


Science Clips - Solids and Liquids


Science Online - Matter


Solids, Liquids, and Gases


Science Clips - Gases Around Us


States of Matter


Solids, Liquids, or Gases - BrainPop Jr. Movie

3rd and 4th Grade

Magnetism and Electricity Light Travels, Reflection Mixture of Substances Physics of Sound


Science Clips Light and Shadows


Science Clips Sound and Hearing

Magnets and Springs

Alien Attack - Light


Science Clips Changing Sound


Identify the Sources of Light


Sound Sites

Science Clips Using Electricity

Light: A Learning Unit



Electric Avenue

Light and Color


Hear Here!

Electricity Activities

Science Clips - Light


Electricity and Circuits

Science Clips - Light -
How We See Things


Electricity Web Sites


Electricity Sites


Science Clips - Circuits and Conductors


Science Clips - Magnets and Springs


Silicon Spies - Electricity


5th Grade

Energy/Electricity Mixtures, Solutions,
Chemical Reactions
Elements Variable-motion Levers and Pulleys

Science Clips Circuits and Conductors



Simple Machines

Changing Circuits


Identifying Forces

Mrs. Thonus's
Simple Machines Sites

Science Clips Using Electricity


Learn About Forces

Simple Machines Construction Site

Electricity Sites


ParkWorld Plot - Forces and Motion

Simple Machines

Electric Avenue


Pushing and Pulling

Simple Machines

Electricity Activities


Science Clips - Pushes and Pulls

Simple Machines -
 Franklin Institute

Electricity Web Sites


Science Clips - Friction

Simple Machines

Silicon Spies - Electricity


Science Online - Force and Motion

Simple Machines  Learning Site

Energy Story


Simple Machines Everyday Samples

What is Energy?



Living Things

Plant Dictionary


Animals - K Trees - K Insects 1-2 Plants 1-2
Animals Trees are Terrific Butterflies Growing Plants
Animal Sites What Tree is That? Butterfly Life Cycle Plant Sites
Animal Homes Exploring the Secret Life of Trees Circle of Life - Butterflies Exploring Plants
Animals Sites Woodland Explorers Insects - Theme Unit Internet4Classrooms - Plants
Animal Houses - Video Tree Coloring Pages Insects Plant Labels
Farm Animals Leaf Coloring Pages Let's Talk About Insects Plant Life Cycles
Animal Sites Trees: Parts of a Tree Life Cycle of a Butterfly Plants - Interactive WhiteBoard Activity
Science Clips - Plant and Animal Groups Paper Evergreen Tree Spider Anatomy Plant Reproduction
Mammals Pop-up Tree Card Let's Talk About Insects Plants
Dinosaur - Life of a Dinosaur Strings of Leaves Facts and Fun About Insects Plant Explorer
Dinosaur Reading Book Magic Leaf Drawing Build Your Own Caterpillar Plant Life Cycles
Chick Hatchery Johnny Appleseed Bees and Their Hives Plant Sites
Baby Animal Quiz Apple Tree Through the Seasons Ladybug Puppet My First Garden
Animal Homes   Stained Glass Butterfly Growing Plants 2
Animal Alphabet Book   Paper Chain Caterpillar Parts of a Plant -
BrainPop Jr. Movie
Animals of the Artic   Caterpillar Anatomy Plant Life Cycle -
BrainPop Jr. Movie
Penguins   Butterfly Life Cycle Flower Coloring Pages
Arctic Animals   Painted Lady Butterfly Meet the Plant Parts
Desert Animals   Look, I'm a Honey Bee 3-D Fruit Craft
Grassland Animals     Flower Crafts
Bears     Pop-up Flower Garden Card
      Plant Anatomy
      Flower Anatomy
      Plant Life Sequencing Cards
      Common Flowers
      Daisies - Color by Number
      Flowers - Color by Number
      Label Tree Anatomy

3rd and 4th Grade

Human Body Structures of Life - Basic needs, Plants and Animals

Keeping Healthy


Moving and Growing

Life Cycles

Teeth and Eating

Animal Sites

Health and Growth

Plant Sites

A Look Inside the Human Body

Plants Need Light and Water to Grow

Amazing Human Body

Science Clips - Growing Plants

Human Body

Science Clips - Helping Plants Grow Well

Human Body

Science Clips - Plants and Animals

My Body

Science Clips - Plant and Animal Groups

Our Bodies

Science Online - Plants and Animals

Body Systems Activity

Great Plant Escape

Bones Inside Us

Echo the Bat Story

The Digestive System

Migration - BrainPop Jr. Movie

Ear Anatomy

Hybernation - BrainPop Jr. Movie

Human Skeleton

Camouflage - BrainPop Jr. Movie

Skin Anatomy

Butterfly Life Cycle

Tooth Anatomy

Food Chain and Food Webs


Look, I'm a Honey Bee

The Skin I'm In!


Stanley the Skeleton


5th Grade

Environments Ecosystems
Deserts Biomes of the World
Deserts Biomes
Rainforest Habitats
Rainforest Habitats
Adventures in the Rainforest Habitats
Tundra Habitats Video Clip
Grasslands Science Clips - Habitats
Prairie Who Lives Here?
Types of Land Where Do They Live?
Living Oceans Mission: Biomes
Desert - BrainPop Jr. Movie Biomes
Grasslands Ecosystems/Biomes Games
Tropical Rainforests Desert Habitat


1st and 2nd Grade

Solid Rocks and Soil - Physical Properties Air and Weather

What is Weather?

Rocks and Soils

Weather Sites

Science Clips - Rocks and Soil

Science Online - Weather

Rocks and Minerals

Weather Activities

Inside the Earth

Weather Sites

Become a Rock Expert

Weather Wiz Kids






What is Weather?


Weather Teddy


Weather Dude











3rd and 4th Grade

Earth Materials - Physical and Chemical Properties Water, Clouds, Condensation, Water and Climate


Earth Science Sites

Pictures of Minerals

Water Cycle

Minerals Matter

Water Sites


Water Cycle


Water Cycle


Water Cycle - Grades K-3


Why Do We Need Water?


Water Cycle Adventure


Water Cycle Interactive


Water Treatment Process


Build Your Own Acquifer


Water Facts of Life


Water Trivia Facts


Water Cycle Information


Water Cycle Adventure - Readers' Theater


Why is the Sky Blue?


Why Are the Oceans Salthy?


5th Grade

Solar Energy - Sun Landforms

Earth, Sun and Moon

Landform Glossary

Features of the Sun

Landform Quiz

Birth of the Sun

Label Landforms



Some objects occur in nature, others designed by people Recycling

1st and 2nd Grade

Tools help scientist make better observations Identify a problem, propose a solution,
evaluate a product and solution

3rd Grade and 4th Grade

Tools for Scientists Inventions Objects in Nature/Objects Designed by People Science as a Career Recycling

Scientific Method - BrainPop Jr. Movie

All About Inventions


Environmental Education
for Kids

  Inventions At Play    

Conservation Songs


Inventors and Inventions


The Great Garbage Caper


Make Your Own
Rcycled Paper

5th Grade

Technological Designs/Properties of Materials Resources from Environment Technology Influences Society Causes of Environment Degradation Work of Science - reasoning, insight, energy, skill and creativity

Climate Change


Greenhouse Effect






I Don't Want to Clean
My Room!


The Story of Water


Why Plant Trees?