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Free Printable Math Worksheets - Dad's Worksheets


Real Math Help - great videos

Super Math Golf

Math Worksheets Land

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Math Live


Slide Ruler


Common Core Math Lessons

Web 2.0 Tools for Math Teachers


Gooru Learning Sites -
great for 6-8th grades

Math Angle - a lot of good math games Math Planet Free  Middle School Math Courses Math Game Time
Harcourt Math Sites EduPup Math Activities Math Nook Fun4theBrain
 Cool Math Facts Activities WebMath - NEW MATH SNACKS - NEW Teaching pi
Kindergarten Math Resources 2nd Grade Math Resources 4th Grade Math Resouces
1st Grade Math Resources 3rd Grade Math Resources 5th Grade Math Resources Writing Activities in the Math Curriculum
Counting by 5s Video Schoolhouse Rock Vids Count to 100 - Video Count by 2s - Video
Multiplication Songs - videos Math Song Video Math Songs - Video 9 Times Tables
Using Your Fingers
Great Math Activities Fraction Shapes Fraction Tutorial Adaptive Mind Math Activities
Money Sites Bridge Building Fraction Game Fractions Made Easy Equivalent Fractions Match
MUSICAL MULTIPLICATION Very Interesting Math Activities Learning Planet Interactive QuizzesI
Assessment Test Practice IXL Math - great K- 8 site Multiplication MathWords - new
NUMBER NUT Multiplication - NEW Great Math Games - new Multiplication Rock Songs
Coordinate Planes
Distributive Property
Introduction to Geometry
Geometry Glossary
Place Value
Word Problems
Web 2.0 Tools
for Math Educators
Zondle Learning Games


Watch Know Videos 

MathVids Math Sites - Good! Introducing Integers

Web 2.0 Tools for Math Educators

Harcourt Math Glossary
Number Cruncher PBS Games Interactive Sites Using Balloons
 in Math
Jeopardy Games
Kindergarten math

1st grade math  

2nd grade math 

3rd grade math  

4th grade math 

5th grade math 

6th grade math 

7th grade math 

8th grade math  
Cyber Kids Cool Math Sites - new Graphic Organizers BrightStorms Math Sites Schoolhouse Rock Videos
Kindergarten Math Sites PreK- 8 Interactive Sites BabbaBrain That Quiz Harvey's Math Sites - GOOD!
Harvey's Portaportal WatchKnow Videos Many Manipulative Sites Multiplication - NEW Math Playground
Discovery Education Videos Mr Nussbaum's Math Sites Math is Fun! Teaching Middle School Math Master the Basics - Math Activities
Exercise Your Brain Power to Learn Games
excellent shopping game
Midway Math Sites - good! Mathademics Videos Free Calculators and Converters 


Math Songs Math Movies

Math Tutorial Videos
Teacher Domain Videos "Solving the Fraction Problem" "Wacky Worm Fractions"

Bitesize Numeracy

Math Number Activities

Shape, Space Measure

Handling Data


E-Learning For Kids (GOOD!)

Draggable Math - SmartBoard

Multiplication Rock

Line of Symmetry Video

Math Illustrated Lessons

Math Glossary

Mastering Fractions Ideas

Math Symbols and Clipart "Five Little Monkeys" Checking Subtraction
Dividing by 6 Identify and Complete Patterns 3 Digits with Regrouping Make a Really Big Number Hidden Picture Math Game
+ -
Addition Subtraction Multiplication Games Math Games I Love That Teaching Idea
Frank's Basic Calculator Getting Students Connected
Byte Size Math Sites Scholastic Math Interactive Sites Coin Combo
Math Playground Math Wire Education Video Games Moon Maths Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
The Role of Virtual Math Manipulatives Teach the Children Well Inkless Math Games Online Calculator What's My Angle
Angle Activities Virtual Tangram Fractions Metric System Conversion MathVids - videos
Math Center BizKid$ K-6 Math Practice Printable Calendars Math MovesU
X-Math Games Learn With Math Games K-5 Math Sites - new Making Money Count Teacher Zone Videos

Online Graphing Tutorials







Fun Calculators Back to School Math Ideas FlipFlap Activities - SmartBoard COUNTDOWN Math QuickTime Clips Jeopardy Games Math PowerPoints
Flash Cards A-Z Math Activities Internet For Classrooms -
SmartBoard Resources
BrainPOP Jr. Math Videos More Jeopardy Games  
Math Worksheets MathWire -
good ideas
Math Teacher Toolkit - SmartBoard MathVideos Math Jeopardy Games  
Measuring Tools Math Playground SmartBoard Education Resources Math Movies Basic Math -
Jeopardy Game
Math Flashcard Creator Assessment Practice Sites Interactive Whiteboard Resources Video Math Tutor Game Templates Area and Perimeter WebQuest
AAA Math Worksheets e-Themes Money MANIPULATIVES Math Jeopardy How How Does Place Value Work?
Math Symbols and Clipart Education World - Math Math Games Geometry Virtual Manipulatives Multiples of
Jeopardy Game
Graph Paper Harcourt Math Activities FLASH SITES Manipulatives Primary Games - Math MATH TOPICS
Teacher Tools Internet For Classrooms - Math Sites Numeracy Flash Sites National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Fun Brain Number Games Perimeter Lesson
Online Conversions K-4 Math Magic Resources   Clock Who Wants To Be A Mathonaire? Shapes, Space,
and Measure Tutorials
Templates for Teachers Mathematics and Literature TIME Class Timer Stock Market Game Geometry Tutorials
Grapher Interactive Math Activities Time Sites Class Timer Math Game Wheel Fraction Tutorials
Crayola Digicolor Digital Cameras in Math Classrooms Teaching Time Coin Calculators Number Games Number and Algebra Tutorial
Illuminations Math Tools Textbook sites OTHER SITES   Math Coin and Spelling Games Use and Handling Data Tutorials
Shapes and Patterns
Made from Paper Circles
Math Resources Money Skills   + - x / Quizzes Teaching Fractions
Create A Graph Math Ideas ELL Sites MUSIC Soduku Puzzles Illustrated Math Lessons
Count Down Timer King's List of Math Activities Interactive Tests Online Math Music Soduku Puzzles Economic Lessons
Flashcards Step-by-Step Lesson Using Children's Literature That Quiz Songs for Teaching Math Tic Tac Go
+ - x
Teach our Kids Math - very good
Instructor Web Math Teaching Tools Numercy Hour Math Songs   Figures and Polygons
  Math Links Interactivate - Math Math Poems
and Songs
  Learning Math        
  Houghton Mifflin
Math Sites
  Good Math Resources        



Numeracy 6-10 multiplication Counting by 8s Counting by 5s My Hero Zero Order of Operations
Finding the Perimeter Adding and Subtracting Fractions Using Decimals to Understand Money Classifying Polygons Money Magic
Areas of a Circle Simplifying Fractions Fractions Multiplying Decimals Numerators and Denominators
Angles Change Decimals to Percents Solid Figures Change Fractions to Decimals Math Videos
Countdown Videos Math Playground Videos Algebra Videos    



Interactive Math

Primary Resources UK

K-2 Math Sites

1st Grade Math Activities

e-Learning for Kids -very good

1st Grade Math Activities

3-5 Math Sites

Elementary Math
Standards Sites

Middle School Math Sites Middle School - Math

Prior Woods School Kid Sites

Interactive Math Web Sites jc-school Math

Teach R Kids Math

Kids' Zone Math Math Playground  
Manipulative Sites
Base Ten Online Activity
Cuisenaire Rods
Pattern Blocks Online Activity
Fraction Bars
Calculators Online
**Mathemagica Math Tools


South Dakota State Math Standards

1. Algebra


Algebra and Pre-Algebra

Algebra Concepts

Algebra Explorer

Algebraic Relationships

Algebra Vocabulary Match Game

Algebra Video Tours

Algebra Games

Basic Skills Algebra

Basic Skills Order of Operations

BrainPOPS Movies - Pre-Algebra

Factor Bingo

Division and Order of Operations

Easy Algebra Equations - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire


Function Machine

Easy Algebra Equations


Illuminations - Algebra

Intro to Algebra Practice Tests

Integers - Mystery Picture

Interactivate Algebra

Late Delivery Algebra Activity

Lesson Quizzes

Math: Algebra

More Pre-Algebra Activities

Math Online - Algebraic Thinking

Matho2 Order of Operations

Operation Order

Order of Operations

Pre-Algebra WebQuests

Pre-Algebra Games

Pre-Algebra Quizzes

Pre-Algebra Standardized Test Practice

Pre-Algebra/ Algebra Activities


Virtual Manipulatives - Algebra

 World of Math - Pre-Algebra Sites

Variable Solving


Kindergarten Algebra

1st Grade Algebra

2nd Grade Algebra

3rd Grade Algebra

4th Grade Algebra

5th Grade Algebra

6th Grade Algebra

7th Grade Algebra

8th Grade Algebra

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2. Geometry


Area of a Circle

A Bird's Eye View - Polygons

Buzzing With Shapes

Billy Bug Coordinates

Billy Bug 2 Coordinates

Basic Skills Geometry


Circle Grapher

Circumference of a Circle



Figures and Polygon Descriptions



Folding Circles

Geometry K-2

Geometry - Area and Perimeter

Geometry 3-5


Geometry and the Circle

Geometry 3D Sites

Hidden Craft Coordinates

Insect Coordinates

Illuminations - Geometry

Interactivate Geometry

Kindergarten Geometry


Math: Geometry

Math Online - Geometry

Patch Tool Shapes Activity

Polygon Playground



Shape Tool


Symmetry Sort

Sorting Triangles


Shape Surveyor


Symmetry In Nature



Tangrams Activity

Triangle Clickable Worksheet

Triangle Sort in Venn Diagrams


Visual Geometry Dictionary

Virtual Pinboard - drawing shapes

What’s My Angle

Woodland Angles Skills

Woodland Shapes Skills

Woodland Tangrams Skills

Kindergarten Geometry

1st Grade Geometry

2nd Grade Geometry

3rd Grade Geometry

4th Grade Geometry

5th Grade Geometry

6th Grade Geometry

7th Grade Geometry

8th Grade Geometry

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3. Measurement

Area and Perimeter

Angle Activity - Protractor

Area of Rectangles

Adventures of a Dollar Bill

Adventures of a Penny

Adventures of Interest Ray

Adventures of Checks


Basic Skills Money

Basic Skills Telling Time

Clock - SmartBoard

Counting Money

Currency Math

Comparing Money Amounts


Clock Words

Clock - How Long Will It Take?

Cash Out

Change Maker

Counting Money

Clock - Online Interactive

Counting Nickels

Farm Stand


Find the Area and Perimeter

How Many Cents?

Illuminations - Measurement

Kids' Bank

Learning to Use Money

Let's Graph

Math: Graphing

Math - Measurement

Math: Money

Math Online: Measurement

Math Online - Time and Money

Math: Telling Time

Measure It

Measurement 3-5

Measurement Sites

Metrics Matter

Measuring Angles

Money, Banking, and Economics


Making Change Game

Money Sites

Match the Time

Measurement Matching



Personal Finance - Grades 4-6 lessons

Practice with Perimeter and Circumference


Set the Clock

Simple Scales

Stop the Clock 1

Stop the Clock 2

Stop the Clock 3

Stop the Clock 4

Stop the Clock 5

Stop the Clock 6

Set the Clock - Quizville

Story of Money

Telling Time

Time - Bedtime Bandits

Train Times - Leaving and Arriving

Time Quiz


What Time Will It Be?

Weights and Measure

Woodland Capacity Skills

Woodland Measure Skills

Woodland Money Skills

Woodland Time Skills

Working with Money

What's the Point

Willy the Watchdog - Time

Kindergarten Measurement
1st Grade Measurement
2nd Grade Measurement
3rd Grade Measurement
4th Grade Measurement
5th Grade Measurement
6th Grade Measurement
7th Grade Measurement
8th Grade Measurement

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4. Number Sense

Adding Games

Add, Subtract, Multiple, and Divide
All About Ratios Addition - Hidden Picture
Addition - Math Zone Addition - SeaShell Search
Action Fractions Addition Baseball
Add and Subtract Addition Surprise
Apple Math Game All About Fractions
Addition Missing Number Add It Up
Add Your Way to a Million Addition - Activity/Test
ABC ya Addition Addition Games**
Arithmetic Quizzes  
Basic Skills Decimals Basic Skills Fractions
Basic Skills Integers Bowling
Big Numbers Basic Math
Batters Up Baseball Baseball Multiplication
Brain Buster Balloon Multiplication

Calculation Balance

Carroll Diagrams

Choosing Largest and Smallest Numbers

Counting and Patterns

Count Back Number Line

Math Activities Grades 1-2

Currency Math - Grades 3 and up

Cash Out - Change Game

Counting Change

Compare It!

Change It!

Counting Money - Second Grade

Change Maker

Cookie Dough - Spelling Out the Numbers


Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy
Decimals Division Facts
Digital Workout Draggable Math
Division and Order of Operations Day at the Beach
Division Missing Number Dino Place Value
Dividing Numbers - Activity/Test Division - Mystery Picture
Decimal Digit - Addition with 1 Digit Decimal Digit - Addition with 2 Digits
Decimal Digit - Addition with 3 Digits Decimal Digit - Subtraction 1 Digit
Decimal Digit - Subtraction with 3 Digits Decimal Digit - Multiplication 1 Digit
Decimal Digit - Multiplication 2 Digit

Division Bingo

Doubling Facts  
Estimation and Rounding Everyday Math Games -Grades 4-6
Estimation Valley Explore Fractions
Equivalent Fractions Equivalent Fractions
Equivalent Numbers  
Factors Fresh Baked Fractions
Fractions, Percentages, Decimal Games Function Machine
Fun With Fractions Fractions
Fractions - AAA Math Fractions - Revise Maths
Fractions - KidsOLR Visual Fractions
Fractions - Cool Math for Kids Fractions - Virtual Manipulatives

Fractions – Grade 1

Fraction Pizza Factory Game
Fraction, Decimals and Percentages Farm Stand
Fraction Movie Fairy Tale Word Problems
Fractions 2 Fraction Tutorial
Fraction Fun Fractions Activity/Test
Fraction Flags - Halves Fraction Flags - Thirds
Fishy Number - Larger or Smaller Factor List
Fraction Junction

1st Grade Arithmetic Activities

Fractions - Who Wants Pizza?  
Greater or Less Guess My Number
Grand Slam Math K-5 Math Activities
How Much is Your Name Worth? Geometry
Interactive Math Activities Integers
Line Jumper - Number Line  Integers
Large Numbers Lady Bug Subtraction
  Interactivate Number and Operation
Mad Math Minute Math Baseball
Math Bingo Math:  + - X  ÷
Math Car Racing - + - X  ÷ Math Flashcards
Math - Game Zone Matho - Addition
Math Online -
Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
Math Tic Tac Toe
Math Playground - Coloring Sums Mend the Number Square
Mental Math Mental Problems – Word Problems
Mixed Number and Decimals Money Match
Multiplication Concentration Multiplication Facts
Multiplication Quizzes - SmartBoard Math Playground
Math Games Multiplication Tables
Multiplication Facts Review MathOs
Make Fractions Math Popper
Multiplication Mystery Match Money
Multiplication Baseball Maths: Number
Multiplication Missing Number Matho - Multiplication
Meteor Multiplication Multiplication Millionaire
Measure It! - 1st level Measure It! - 2nd Level
Measure It! - 3rd Level Measure It! - 4th Level
Math Jeopardy Math Soccer
Moon Math Multiplication Baseball
Multiplication Practice Multiplication Flashcards
Math Games Math Word Problems
Multiplication and Rounding More or Less
Number Activities Number Balance + and -
Number Balance X and ÷ Number Patterns
 Numbers and Operations Number Order
Number Square Activities Number Tracker
Number Order Number Facts
Odd or Even Order of Operations
Owl Addition Owl Subtraction
Odd and Even Order of Operation  - Snowman
Place Value and Number Sense Place Value Darts
Place Value Game Place Value Puzzler
Power Football Product Game
Place Value Pirates Game Place Value Calculator
Practice Naming Fractions Prime and Composite Numbers
Percent Place Value to 100,000
Place Value Movie Percentage
Place Value Games Positive and Negative Numbers
Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages Rounding Off
Rounding - Basketball Game Ratio and Proportion
Rounding Flashcards Rainforest Math
Robot Facts Robotic Calculator
Rounding - Hangman  
Sequencing Numbers Sum Sense

Soccer Shootout -
Fractions & Whole Numbers

SpeedMath - Addition and Subtraction
SpeedMath Deluxe Game Speed Math Inequities
SpeedMath - Multiplication Speed Math Multiply and Divide
Square Roots Sticky Numbers
Subtraction - Day at the Beach Subtraction Facts
Subtraction - FireFlies Subtraction Flashcards
Subtraction - Hidden Picture Scottie Nickel Change Maker
Stop The Clock Subtracting Unlike Fractions
Subtraction Missing Number Speed Grid Multiplication
Save The Apples Sums to Ten
Subtraction to Win a Million Subtraction Game
Speed Grid 1 - Subtraction Speed Grid 2 - Subtraction
Speed Grid 2 - Subtraction Subtraction Bowling
Schooltime Math Games Subtraction Games
Speed Math Deluxe  
Tackle Math Ball Time Tables
Tic Tac Toe Times Table Practice
Who Wants to be a Mathionaire Woodlands Division Practice
World Cup Math Visual Fractions
What Are Fractions?  
Word Problems - Grade 5  
Addition Clickable Worksheet Fractions Clickable Worksheet Fractions Clickable Worksheet
Kindergarten Numbers and Operations 1st Grade Numbers and Operations 2nd Grade Numbers and Operations
3rd Grade Numbers and Operations 4th Grade Numbers and Operations 5th Grade Numbers and Operations
6th Grade Numbers and Operations 7th Grade Numbers and Operations 8th Grade Number and Operations
5th Grade Math Sites    

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5. Statistics & Probability

Basic Skills Probability Crazy Counting Machine
Data Handling Graphing
Graphing Skills Guess the Number
Illuminations Leap Frog
Logic Puzzles and Thinking Games Math Online: Probability
Math: Probability Mean, Median, Mode
Near Doubles Machine Probability and Statistics
Reading Bar Graphs Reading Grids
Handling Data Range
Quizville _ Reading Bar Graphs Using Bar Graphs
Making Line Graphs Finding the Averages
Create a Graph Intro to Statistics
What's the Point Logic and Reasoning Games
Average/Mean Mean. Medium, Mode
K-2 Grade Data Analysis & Probability 2nd Grade Data Analysis & Probability 3rd Grade Data Analysis & Probability
4th Grade Data Analysis & Probability 5th Grade Data Analysis & Probability 6th Grade Data Analysis & Probability
7th Grade Data Analysis & Probability 8th Grade Data Analysis & Probability  

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That Quiz Math Practice Tests 1st Grade Test Prep Practice
2nd Grade Test Prep Practice 3rd Grade Test Prep Practice 4th Grade Test Prep Practice
5th Grade Test Prep Practice 5th Grade Math Test 6th Grade Test Prep Practice
6th Grade Math Test 7th Grade Math Test 8th Grade Math Test
1st Grade Activities Interactivate Assessments Assessment Help and Practice


Everyday Math Sites - Kindergarten Everyday Math Sites - 1st Grade Everyday Math Sites - 2nd Grade
Everyday Math Sites - 3rd Grade Everyday Math Sites - 4th Grade Everyday Math Sites - 5th Grade
Math Activities Kindergarten Math Activities Grade 1 Math Activities Grade 2
Math Activities Grade 3 3rd Grade Math 3rd Grade Skills Builder
3rd Grade Math Skills 4th Grade Math Math Activities Grade 4
4th-5th Grade Math Activities 5th Grade Math Math Activities Grade 5
6th Grade Math Math Activities Grade 6 Math Activities Grade 7
Middle School Math Math Games - Ages 6-9 Math Games - Ages 9-12


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