Thirteen Colonies Scavenger Hunt††† ††††††††† Name:_______________


What was life like?

1.                   Name several different places in which Colonial Americans had to live.




2.                 What did they do all day?

How did they make wool?

Do their chores seem harder than yours?




3.                 What were some of the main occupations during Colonial times?

Which one of those jobs would you pick?




4.                 Tell me something interesting about Colonial Shoes.




5.                 What time did school start in Colonial times?

Click on Making a QuillPen.

Describe in your own words how to make one.




6.                 What was the primary source of transportation in the 1700ís?

Name 4 types of alternative transportation.




7.                 George Washington rewrote a famous book on manners.

List 6 things that you should never do.





1.                   Read several RunawayAdvertisements.What do you think?

What would you have done if you were to recognize one of those slaves?





2.                 A little over 20% of all Colonial Americans were of African descent.

Why did the Colonial whites need so many slaves?




3.                 Read about an African American man who went back to being aslave for a day.

What are some of the things that he had to do?

Would you have gone back to slavery?Why or why not?




4.                 When slaves were bought in Africa, how much did they cost?

How much were they sold for in America?

About how many total slaves were brought from Africa to America?




5.                 Explain the TriangularRoute of ships.




Geography & Witches

1.                   By looking at the map, explain why you think the colonies did not expand farther west.

Was there any particular reason?




2.                 Look at the same map. You will recognize that the original 13 colonies still have their same names today.

There is one state that is missing. Can you figure out what it is?




3.                 How many accused Witches were killed in the Salem WitchcraftTrials?




1.                   Play the Stratford word find.If you run across any words that are unfamiliar, use the dictionary to define them.

2.                 Play Fox and Geese.Itís just like Checkers, just on a different shaped board.

3.                 Make Some Mittens.