1. Go to ABC News.

Find one topic that interests you and print it out.

2. Go to the Embassy of France in Washington DC.

Click on Just 4 Kids and explore the sites.

3. Go to U.S. House of Representatives.

List one thing that is happening under This Week on the House Floor.

4. Go to U.S. Senate.

List one thing that is happening under Today's Calendar.

5. Go to Presidential Libraries.

Click on one of the libraries and tour the sites.

6. Go to American Cultural History.

Click on the year you were born and explore what happened that year.

7. Go to Vietnam a Children's Guide.

Click on Schools, Picture Book, and Quiz to view the sites.

8. Go to Free Translation.

Translate "How are you?" in three different languages.

9. Go to The White House.

Click on several sites about the White House.

10. Go to the National Archives.

Click on The Charters of Freedom and American Originals to explore historical documents
Print out one document.

11. Go to Online Newspapers.

Select two countries and list a news item in one of their newspapers.

12. Go to U.S. Capitol Virtual Tour.

Click on High Bandwidth.
Click on
Navigational Help to read the directions for the tour.
Click on
Next Room to go through the Capitol.


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