Scavenger Hunt

1. Prior to the Revolutionary War

a. What was signed in 1763? _________________________________________________

b. Who was it signed by? ____________________________________________________

c. Click on the "Sugar Act of 1764."

1. What items were being taxed by the British? __________________________________

2. Why did the British decide to tax the Colonists? ________________________________

d. Click on "Boston Tea Party," the report written by Drew.

1. Why did the British government decide to tax the Colonists? _________________________________________

2. Why were the Colonists boycotting the tea? ____________________________________________________

3. What happened at the Boston Tea Party? ____________________________________________________

2. Important People of the Revolutionary War

a. Click on "Paul Revere's Ride."

1. What plans did Paul Revere overhear? _____________________________________________________

2. What happened on April 18th as a result of what he heard? ____________________________________________

b. Click on "More Information."

1. What was the famous prearranged signal that Paul Revere used? __________________________________

c. Click on 2 heroes of the war to learn more about their role in the American Revolution. (Click on "Heroes of the Revolution")

1. What were the names of the people you chose, which side of the war were they on, and what was one interesting fact about them that you learned?




3. Battles of the Revolutionary War

a.. What was the date of the Concord and Lexington battle? _______________________________________________

b.. What marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War? ___________________________________________________

c. Click on one of the "red dots" on the map. Each dot marks a significant battle.

1. Choose one battle. What is the date of that battle? Who won the battle - United States or Britain?


d. In what part of the United States were the battles of the Revolutionary War fought? __________________________________

4. Declaration of Independence

a. What was adopted on July 4, 1776 Philadelphia by the Continental Congress? ____________________________________

b. What does the Declaration of Independence outline in it? __________________________________________________


c. What 5 men were credited with the main responsibility for writing the Declaration of Independence?


d. On what date did the Revolutionary War officially end? __________________________________________________

e. What treaty ended the war? ____________________________________

f. Read the first part of the Declaration of Independence and complete this statement:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created __________, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are ______________, __________, and the pursuit of _________________.


5. Click on Revolutionary War for Kids.

1. Click on GAMES
2. Read the directions and play some of them.


6. Click on Popular Songs in American History.

Scroll down to Revolutionary War Songs.
Click on the name of some songs and listen to the music.