Apple Resources

iPod Shuffle

1. Go to Podcasting in Plain English and preview the video.

2. Go to Gone Podcasting

    Preview slide show

3.  Go to Poducate Me

4. Go to Learning in Hand

    Click on FIND and read how to find podcasts

    Preview Podcasts in Education

5. Open iTunes

6. Preview Ways to Use Podcasts in Education

7. Go to Kids' Audio Stories

8. Go to NPR Podcasts

9. Go to Education Podcast Network

10. Go to Podcast Directory

11. Go to Podcast Tools

12. Vixy.net - Download videos to iPods

13. Downloading Video for iPod - directions

14. Go to Do You have the Audacity to Podcast - slideshow

15. Go to How to Download Music and Video to Your iPod - video

16. Go to Audacity

 17. Go to Audacity Tutorial

 18. Go to Audacity Tutorial - video