1. Go to Mend the 1-100 Square.

Complete the activity.

2. Go to Practice Tests.

Complete the 4th grade test. What was your score? ______________

3. Go to South Dakota EdWeb.

Click on Students.
Math as Subject.
Choose a
grade level.
How many
Total Links did you get? ____________

4. Go to Math Lessons.

Find and print out three math lesson plans for your grade level.

5. Go to abcTeach It! Math.

Click on Ready to Use Math Worksheets.
Select and print out a math worksheet.

6. Go to abcTeach It! Math.

Click on Roman Numerals.
Click on
Roman Numeral Information and Games.
Choose one to play.

7. Go to abcTeach It! Math.

Click on Math and Literature: Book Recommendations.
Find a book you could use for graphing.
What is the name of a book you could use?

8. Go to abcTeach It! Math

Go through each of the following topics and click on one site to preview:

100th Day of School, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & division, Fractions/Decimals, Measurement, Money & Time, Geometry, Graphing, Place Value, Roman Numerals, and Problem Solving.

9. Go to PowerPoint Presentations for Math

Choose two presentations to view. What two did you view?

___________________________ & ________________________

10. Go to Plane Math Activities.

Choose two of the activities to complete.
Which two did you choose?
a.________________________ b. ________________________

11. Go to Multimedia Math Glossary.

Choose three grade levels to preview.
Click on several terms to see the visual definitions.

12. Go to Textbook Online Activities.

Choose Harcourt - Math.
Click on several sites to preview the activities.
Go back to
Textbook Online Activities and Click on Houghton-Mifflin - Math Central. Click on several activities to preview.

13. Go to Gamequarium.

Click on at least four sites to preview and play math games.

14. Go to Mega Shapes.

Investigate four shapes.
What five shapes did you investigate?

15. Go to Interactive Mathematics.

Click on several activities in Pre-K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
List two activities that you thought were good.

16. Go to A Maths Dictionary for Kids.

Click on several words to see the definition.
List three words you clicked on.

17. Go to Songs for Teaching Math.

Click on three songs and listen to them.
Print out two songs that you liked.

18. Go to Computer Lab Activities.

Click on and complete two math activities for each grade level 1-5.