Geography Links

Map Skills


South Dakota - 4th Grade

South Dakota History

1. Books on Geography

Me On A Map

2. Zoom in and Out with Google Earth

Google Maps

Google Earth 3D Tours

Google Sightseeing

Full Screen 360 Degrees

3. Inflatable Globes

4. Maps

Xpedition Atlas

Maps from Owl and Mouse

Map Games

Road Map and Mileage Table

U.S.A. Geographic Regions - *
U.S.A. Geographic Regions Quiz - *

Maps and Globes Booklet - *

5. Map Symbols

How To Read A Map
Compass Rose
Map Key

6. Teaching Map Directions

        Cardinal Directions

Longitude and Latitude - *
USA Longitude and Latitude

7. Putting together maps of the United States and the World

Place the State - *
United States Map Puzzle
Map Puzzles
United States Feature Puzzle - *

8. Visual Dictionaries

        Visual Dictionary of Geographic Terms
        Enchanted Dictionary of Geography Terms

9. Symbols

State Maps and State Symbols
American Symbols Booklet

10. Astronaut Photography

11. Songs

Tour the States

Geography Songs

Geography Songs

12. Making Maps

Relief Map
Dough Recipes