1. Go to Christmas Stories and Legends

A. Who wrote "The Snow Man" (1872)? ___________________________________________________

B. In "The Story of Christmas Spiders," when Santa Claus saw the spider webs all over the tree, he knew the mother would be upset about the webs. What did Santa Claus change the webs into? ______________________________________________________________

C. In "The Night Before Christmas" what are the names of the eight reindeer? _____________________,_____________________,______________________,___________________,____________________,______________________,___________________,____________________


2. Go to Welcome to Christmas 99

A. Go to holiday traditions (Christmas). What is modern day eggnog made of? __________________________________________________________________________________

B. The first "carols" may have been songs of the angels announcing what?

C. What was the superstition about "nisse" throughout Scandinavia?


3. Go to Winter Festivals From The Past and Present

A. What is the Winter Solstice? _______________________________________________________

B. Italy's Santa Claus is LaBefana. LeBefana is a what? ___________________________________

C. During the "Night of the Radishes" Mexicans carve radishes into what kinds of scenes?