Print out a copy of this scavenger hunt and write in the answers you found.

1. Go to 50 States and Capitals

a. Find the name of the governor of Massachusetts (MA).

b. Find the state flower of North Carolina (NC).

c. Print out the song for South Dakota (SD) in the "songs" folder.
Title of song:

2. Go to Grandpa Tucker's

a. Print out a Silly Poem or a song from the Songbook.
b. Title of poem or song:

3. Go to Spin and Spell

a. Click START
b. Choose a topic and practice your spelling

4. Go to Nina's Community

a. Click on three different places.
b. Follow the instructions.
c. Which places did you visit.

5. Go to Snakes and Ladders

a. Complete the game.

6. Go to Where Is That?

a. Choose the United States Level and
b. Click on
SHOW ME THE MAPS and complete the quiz.
c. What is your score?

7. Go to Math Games.

a. Choose two games to play.
b. Which two games did you choose?

8. Go to How Stuff Works- How Airports Work.

a. Click on Runways.
b. List two facts about runways.

9. Go to International Space Station.

a. Click on Multimedia and choose Video.
b. Watch one of the movies.

10. Go to At Home in the Heartland

a. Click on 1800-1850.
b. Click on Enter the
Fringes of the Prairie.
c. Click on
Objects for the Frontier Home.
d. Click on
Lighting and name one kind of lighting they used during 1800-1850.

11. Go to The Greatest Places

a. Click on Greenland.
b. Find what the major form of transportation is in Greenland.

12. Go to Yahoo Kids

a. Find one favorite site.
b. Name of Site:
c. URL: http://

13. Go to BrainPop.

Click on Free Movies and watch one of the movies.

14. Go to Math Games.

Play several of the games.

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