1. Go to Wiki in Plain English

    Click on Play and listen to the definition of a Wiki.

2. Go to 7 Things You Need to Know About Wikis

    View the seven things.

3. Go to Wikipedia - an encyclopedia anyone can edit

    Type in an education topic and preview some sites in Wikipedia

4. Go to Wikibooks

    Click on a topic of interest to see textbooks created online.

5. Go to Wikiversity

6. Go to  tutorial and view video

    Click on TOURS and choose Personalize Your Space and listen to the tutorial.

    Next choose Files and Pictures and listen to the tutorial.

7. Go to for teachers.

    Sign up for a Wiki account

8. Go to Wiki Matrix and compare the different Wiki programs.

9. Click on the examples Wikis to preview how they are being used in schools.

    Wiki Ideas for the Classroom
    Sample Wiki

    Room 15 Wiki

     Animal Ark
    Arbor Heights School Wiki
     History Class Wiki
    Wikis in the K-12 Classroom

    Literature 10 Wiki
    Plymouth High School

10. Go to Wiki Search

    Type in an education topic to search for an online Wiki
    Preview some sites

11. Go to Slideshare - Wikis That Work

    Click through the slide show.

12. Go to Slideshare - Wikis in the Classroom

    Click through the slide show.

13. Go to How Do Wikis Work?