1. Find a book about the Internet at

Book Title: ____________________________________________
Price: _________________

2. List one of the top news stories at
News story: ___________________________________________

3. Find a car you like at or
Car type: __________________ Cost: _______________

4. How far is it from Sioux Falls to Branson, Missouri? Use or - driving directions
Print out the page of directions.

5. Go to and find the cost for Amoxicillin - 30 capsules.
Cost: ______________

6. Go to or and pick out a product you might like to purchase at an auction site.
Item: _______________ Cost: __________

7. Go to and find the name a new animal at the San Francisco Zoo.
New animal: _____________________________

8. Find a toy at you would like to buy. Toy:____________ Cost:___________

9. Click on What is the picture of the day?
Describe what you saw: _______________________________________

10. Find the headline news story of the NYTimes at
Headlines: ______________________________________________

11. Go to and find the cost of a vacation you would like to go on.
Site: ____________________________ Cost: ____________________

12. Find the weather for your home town at
Print out a copy of the weather.

13. Translate “How are you?” in French from
French translation: ___________________________________________

14. Go to and select an item to purchase.
Item: ______________________ Cost: _________________

15. Go to and list a news story from there.
News story: ________________________________________________

16. Go to and name two topics at the top of the page.
1. ________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________

17. Go to and name the number one movie for the week and what it grossed on the weekend.
Movie: ________________________________________Grossed: ________________________

18. Go to and find a song in Seventies Juke Box that you like.
Song Title: _____________________________

19. Go to and print out a recipe you like.
Name of recipe: _____________________________________________

20. Go to and list a live broadcast you could listen to and the time it is on.
Broadcast: _________________________________________________
Time: _____________________

21. Go to and name one of the top most wanted fugitives.
Fugitive Name: _________________________________________