1. Go to Blogs in Plain English

    Click on Play and preview the video on blogging.

2. Go to Blogger and click on Take a Quick Tour.

3. Go to How to Create a Blog in and preview the video.

Create your own blog using

4. Go to Adding a Google Gadget to Your Blog and preview the video.

Add two gadgets to your blog.

5.Go to Uploading a Video with Blogger and preview the video.

6. Go to and find a video to embed on your blog. i.e., South Dakota's Great Places

7. Go to your Blog and add a picture. Click on New Post.
Click the icon Add Picture. Click Browse to find a picture on your computer to upload.

Other Blog Sites

8. Go to Edublogs and view the video.

9. Go to LiveJournal and preview the sites.

10. Go to Support Blogging. Click on What is Educational Blogging? (on the left) and read the content.

11. Click on BlogstoLearn and choose three or four to preview. Look on the right to see topics.

12. Go to Will Richardson Video on Weblogging. Preview the video.