1. Go to Multicultural Pavilion and choose Teachers' Corner.

Click on Awareness Activities and print out 2 activities you can use in K-8 classrooms. On the printout, write 2-3 sentences on why you like the activity.

2. Go to Afro-American Kids Zone and click on All Fun and Games.

Find the following facts about Kwanzaa:

1. What does Kwanzaa mean? ______________________________
2. Who thought up Kwanzaa? ______________________________
3. When is Kwanzaa celebrated? _____________________________
4. What is the symbol for Kinara? ____________________________

3. Go to Afro-American Kids Zone and click on Myths and Fables.

Read 3 myths or fables.
Which 3 did you read?
1. ______________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________

4. Go to Cultural Links and click on Traits of Culture.

List 3 traits of a culture.

2. _____________________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________

5. Go back to Cultural Links.

Click on Quiz and test your knowledge of the world. How did you do?
Poor Fair Good Great

6. Go back to Cultural Links.

Explore 3 regions that interest you. Write two things that you learned about a culture.

A. ________________________________________________________
B. ________________________________________________________

7. Go to Multiculturalpedia.

Click on Janken Around the World.
What 3 items do most countries use?

8. Go to Native American Authors.

Click on a letter for a TRIBE.
Click on the name of a tribe that you would like to know more about.
List 2 things you found out about the tribe you chose.

9. Go to Kid's Window.

Go to the Restaurant. What does the typical Japanese breakfast include?


10. Go to Kid's Window.

Go to Picture Dictionary. Click on the pictures for animals, numbers, and
person too see how it is spelled and how it is pronounced.
Write the spelling of one word in the 3 different languages.

_________________ __________________ ___________________

11. Go to Electronic Ellis Island.

Click on Our Immigration Wing and read 1 or 2 stories about immigrant families.
Click on
The Multi-Cultural Calendar and read 1 or 2 reports about holidays.

12. Go to Immigration Scavenger Hunt.

Complete any 3 of the questions. Which questions did you complete?