1. Discuss the Meanings of  Primary  and Secondary Documents
       ** Primary and Secondary Sources

      Journal of Meriwether Lewis


2. Listen to Historical Narratives and Discuss Their Meaning

World of Exploration

Christopher Columbus

"The Shot Heard Around the World" - at Lexington Green , which began the War for Independence.

Assassination of Lincoln - YouTube

Stories of immigrants
Stories of Slaves
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Rosa Parks

One-Room Country School South Dakota Stories  - Wilson and Woodard

The School Children's Blizzard   by Marty Rhodes Figley

Video summary


3. Role-Playing/Acting out a Play

Reenact: Paul Revere's Ride
The signing of the Declaration of Independence
Segregation on a bus

Online - Native American Plays and Skits

                The Constitutional Convention

What Does the Consitution Do Rap?


Reader's Theater:

 Martin Luther King, Jr. Reader's Theater
Rosa Park Reader's Theater


4. Reading Children's Literature

Literature with Social Studies Themes

Children's Literature
Read books in class


5. Examining Artifacts

Old clothing
Old books
Old household items
Going to museums - locally or online
 Smithsonian - Washington, D.C.


6. Using Song and Dance
         Present to another class "A Musical Pageant of American History."
        Popular Songs in American History
        Music to Teach Social Studies

"God Bless the USA"


7. Listening to Speeches or Memorizing Famous Speeches

Top 100 Speeches
Martin Luther King, Jr. Video


8. Completing a Zunal WebQuests

9. Painting a mural of some aspect of history - city, state, or nation

10. Making models of how communities, transportation, and houses looked 50-100 years ago. Diorama Designer


11. Writing and Drawing Snapshot Autobiographies - history timeline

My Last Three Years

1. . . .My Dog
2. . . .Our Move
3. . . .The Fire
4. . . .New baby

We got Spotty when he was one month old and I was four. He chewed on everything.
Draw a picture of new house

Two years later we moved to 310 Elm Street. I was five years old. 
Draw a picture of house on fire

The first month we had a fire in the kitchen. The firemen came and put it out. 
Draw picture of family with new baby

I was seven years old when I got a baby brother.