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1. When searching, phrase your question in the form of an answer.

The tenth president of the United States was ____________.

2. When searching, put quotes around phrases that you want to keep together.

Google will not go out and look for "simple" and then for "machines." It will look for "simple machines."

3. When searching, put a hyphen right before any word you want Google to leave out or a + when you want Google to add something.

lesson plans -high school; lesson plans + Civil War

4. Google is an online Finance Reporter.

Go to Google Finance and read the up-to-date financial news of the day.

5. Google is a tracker.

Type a FedEx or UPS package number when you click Search, Google offers a link to its tracking information.

•UPS tracking numbers example search: "1Z9999W99999999999"

•FedEx tracking numbersexample search: "999999999999"

•USPS tracking numbers example search: "9999 9999 9999 9999 9999 99"

•UPC codes example search: "073333531084"

•Patent numbers example search: "patent 5123123"

Remember to put the word "patent" before your patent number.

•FAA airplane registration numbers example search: "n199ua"

An airplane's FAA registration number is typically printed on its tail.

•FCC equipment IDs example search: "fcc B4Z-34009-PIR"

Remember to put the word "fcc" before the equipment ID.

6. Google is a calculator.

Type in an equation: (100+4567*10-200=)
What is the square root of 267? (sqrt(267))

Type in half a cup in teaspoons

7. Google is a units-of-measurement converter.

Type: inches in a mile or hours in a month

8. Google is a stock ticker.

Type in IBM or MSFT (Microsoft). You will see a link to the current stock price.

9. Google is an atlas.

Type is your zip code to see a map of the area.

10. Google is an aviation tool. Type in a flight number.

Type: American Airlines 34
Click on Travelocity or Expedia or to see the flight.

To see delays and weather conditions at a particular airport, type the airport's three letter code followed by the word "airport." For example, San Francisco International Airport updates can be found by searching for "sfo airport."

example: sfo airport 

11. Google is the Department of Motor Vehicles. Type in a VIN number to find out the car's year, make, and model.

Type: JH4NA1157MT001832

12. Google is a picture finder.

Go to Google and click on Images.
Type in: Civil War

13. Google is a Language Tool.

Go to Google and click on Language Tools.
Use the Translator tool to translate "Technology is awesome."
Choose the language you want it translated to from English.
You can also translate an entire webpage.

14. Google has a built-in dictionary. After you have done a search, the search terms appear at the top of the page. If you click on the word or words you will get a definition.

Go to Google and type in handheld computers.

Also, you can type in "define" and "a word" and it will give you the definition.

i.e., define election

15. Google is a smart shopper.

Go to Google and click on Froogle.
Type in something you would like to shop for.

16. If your search term is relevant to a current news item, there will be a section at the top of the page called "News results for . . ."

Type in George W. Bush

17. To find an address type in a first name, last name, and city to find the person's address and telephone number.

Type in your name

18. Type in a phone number in the format (XXX) XXX-XXX to find out the name and address of the person.

Type in 202-456-1414

Who did you get? _______________________

19. Google Catalogs

You can find hundreds of catalogs of products from many different companies.

20. To see weather conditions and a four-day forecast for a particular U.S. location,

Type "weather," followed by the location. Usually a city name will be enough, but you may also want to include a state or zipcode. For example, to see Palo Alto weather, you could search for "weather palo alto, ca" or "weather palo alto 94301."

example:  weather Sioux Falls, SD

21. To find reviews and showtimes for movies playing near you, type "movies and the name of the city you want to see the movie in.

Type: movies Sioux Falls, SD

22. Music Search - find information about artists, songs, albums, and places to buy the music.

Type:  Elvis

23. Q & A - Want to know the population of China? What currency is used in Iraq? Type the question into the Google search box.

Type: What is the population of China?
What currency is used in Iraq?