Kindergarten Cove - great sites

PowerPoint Songs

Nursery Rhymes - videos

Watch Know Videos -Excellent

Early Learning Sites - Good!

Crafts - good!

Toy Theater

Pauly's Playhouse

Kindergarten Literacy Activities

Free Kindergarten Printables

Kindergarten Worksheets

Preschool Theme Sites

Kideos Videos



Animals You Can See at the Zoo
Alphabet Fun!
Activities in the SunShine Room
Alphabet Action
A.B. Cow
Activity Idea Place

Barney Online
Billy Bear 4 Kids
Billy Bear's Online Games
Barney - Music
Barney - Shapes
Barney - Games
Barney and Friends
Book of Pooh
Clifford's Interactive Storybooks
Cory's Paint Box
Counting Story
Dr. Seuss's Seussville
Coloring Pages
Dental Education Sites
Children's Songs

Early Childhood Games

Farm Animals
Finger Plays & Action Rhymes
First Grade Backpack - Animals
First Grade Backpack - Arithmetic Activities
First Grade Backpack - More Cool Sites
First Grade Backpack - Places
First Grade Backpack - Reading
Foreign Languages for Beginners
Hummingbird Educational Resources
JayZeeBear's Green Forest
Interactive Literacy Center

Kindergarten Web Activities
Kid's Corner
Kitty Wants a Box
Kids 8 and Under
Language Activities
Little Animals Activity Center
Learn to Read
Matching Word Game
Mix and Match Online Games
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Literacy Center
Letter Match
**Math, Numbers, and Counting
Little People Games

Little Explorers
Primary Games Online
PBS Kids
Practice Dialing 911 Emergency
Pooh's Place
Picture Dictionary

Race to Space
Sesame Street
Sparky the Firedog-Fire Trucks
Smiley Stories
Toddler Online Activities
Web Sites for the Young Ones K-2


Good Early Childhood Sites

A World of Kindergartens
Activity Page
Animal Concentration Cards

Book Activities
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
Brain Growth
Crosswords for Young Children
Computers in the Early Childhood Classroom
**Clown Sites
Craft Recipes for Young Children
Daily Themes
Children's Songs
DLTK's Educational Activities
Computers and Kids - Sesame Workshop
Dental Education Sites
Computers and Young Children

Early Childhood
Early Childhood Thematic Units
Early Childhood Educators' Web Corner
Early Learning Resources
Early Childhood Sites
Enchanted Learning
First School
Early Childhood Links
Early Childhood Connection

Gayle's Preschool Rainbow
Hall of Early Childhood Education
Idea Box
Irene's Primary Pointers
Kindergarten Connection
Kindergarten Links
Kindergarten Songs and Checklists
Kindergarten Music Sites
Lotsa Lesson Plans Page
Laying the Foundations for Reading
Lil' Fingers
Math, Science,Technology in
Early Childhood Education
Muppet Songs
Music Sites for Children
Mrs. Alphabet
**Nursery Rhymes Page
Online Montessori Albums

Perpetual Preschool
Preschool Activity Central
Preschool Activity Finder
Preschool Sites
Preschool Teacher Sites
Preschool Zone - Teaching Ideas
Primary Resources
Printable Alphabet
Preschool Rainbow
***Printable Activity Pages
Preschool Express
Perpetual Preschool
Preschool Activities and Crafts

Readiness Skills
Reading and Literacy Skills
Real Mother Goose Home Page
Songs 4 Teachers
Thematic Pages
Under 5s
Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers
Web Sites K-2

Wonder Room

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