Dr. Arlys E. Peterson

K-8 Learn about 6000+ SmartBoard tools and activities that you can use to create lessons for your students. Essentials for Educators and Lesson Activity Toolkit will be covered in the workshop sessions. Also learn about many popular, education Internet sites to use with SmartBoards.

Day 1


Creating a Portaportal

Introduction to SmartBoard version 10.6

SmartBoard Tools hands on activities

SmartBoard Newsletters

SmartBoard Calendar Activities

Internet Sites for SmartBoard Activities

Smart Exchange

SmartBoard Express

Researching Internet Sites/Adding to Portaportal

Day 2

Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 hands on activities

Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 creating activities

SmartBoard Online Lessons

SmartBoard Content Area Internet Sites

Video Sites

National Technology Conference Online Handouts

Researching Internet Sites/Adding to Portaportal